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Comment Re:More likely they will pull out (Score 1) 131

The playing field is fair. There is nothing stopping an Uber competitor (like lyft) from creating their own app and contracting their own drivers.

I think what you really mean is you want Uber to compete in a highly regulated market like taxis. But that highly regulated market is the very reason why Uber is so popular, cab companies have become a bunch of rent seekers. They artificially constrain the supply and jack up the price. If the taxi market wasn't so broken Uber would have never gotten off the ground in the first place.

Comment Not Much Of A Test (Score 1) 399

But it's really not much of a test of UBI is it?

The tricky part about all of these free money schemes isn't giving out the money, it's getting the money. Giving away money is dead simple, no one is doubting that the government can give money away, that's the easy part. The tricky part is making the scheme work in a closed system where the taxes supply all the free money you are giving away. All this is doing is taking outside money and pumping it into a small local economy. So of course it's going to work, its like winning a "cash for life" lottery.

I'll never understand why people keep pushing these useless UBI and mincome "studies". We have a huge source of data from the former communist block. The whole point of communism is "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". All this is doing is removing the first part and giving us "to each according to his needs", but from where does that money come? Who cares, free money! It's just playing the game of "if I won the lottery" at the whole society level.

Comment Re:Not what he said. (Score 4, Insightful) 594

It's one thing to join a company and want to form a union. But it's another thing to join a company with the purpose of getting it's employees to join an existing union. If Musk's accusations are correct, then this man is an agent provocateur sent by UWA. He is there calling for unionization to help UWA expand it's business, not improve the working conditions at Tesla. It's a fake grass roots movement, aka astroturfing. And that is morally outrageous. I don't see that kind of shady business dealing as being any different than taking a bribe.

Comment Re:Malignant narcissist upset, news at 11. (Score 5, Insightful) 760

I'm not an SJW

Good god man you must be joking. You're not just any SJW, you are the SJW. You're easily the most famous SJW on slashdot. I knew even before clinking on the story that half of the comments would be you flame warring with someone. Even on stories that aren't political you're waging a culture war, your old sig was something like "SJW: Someone I disagree with and by the way I'm an idiot" and now your new sig is anti-GamerGate. I don't know if maybe you don't know what a SJW is, or you do and just don't like the label. But you fit the mold to a T. If you honestly don't think you're a SJW I suggest you go back are re-read some of your own comments because the pattern of aggressive social justice advocacy is plain for all to see.

Comment Re:Its a talking point (Score 1) 404

That's because they only need to keep this charade going until Trump is in office. Once he is in the Democrats will claim that there is proof but the Trump administration is hiding it. That's why they are talking to the media and dodging congress. They are laying the ground work for claiming Trump isn't legitimate.

Comment Price Fixing (Score 3, Interesting) 441

I for one am glad Finland is doing this. It will save my country from being this generation's lab rat. It seem very couple of decades we need to relearn that price fixing doesn't work. I would have hoped the Venezuelans spectacular meltdown would have been enough, but it guess not.

Economics is all about whats happening at the margins. The marginal utility of going from $0->$5 per day in income is much greater than from from $200->$205. By giving everyone (this study is only starting with a few) a guaranteed fixed income you've just hugely reduced the utility of a working a low paying job. If you're getting nothing a job that pays $30,000 is a huge improvement because you have lots of time and no money. If you're getting $20,000 UBI you have lots of time and some money, the value of going from $20,000 to $50,000 won't be worth it to some people. In order for the low paying job to have that same marginal utility it's going to need to pay a lot more. Which raises the price of everything, which means that $20,000 doesn't go as far. Yay inflation! The market will readjust, and keep readjusting, until you relearn that price fixing doesn't work.

Comment Re:k.i.s.s. (Score 2) 143

It's a bit early to start calling it a design flaw. The ship is still undergoing testing and wont enter service for another year or more. Every big engineering project like this suffers some problems out of the gate. That is why they get tested. Is the ships crew too small? Perhaps, but we won't know unless it's tried. But if the manpower reduction schemes work, it could save the Navy huge sums of money. Money that could be spent on more or better armed ships.

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