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Comment Re:What about makeing os updates happen? (Score 2) 40

Dangerous bugs identified before they harm or kill anyone won't have to be reported to the FDA as long as the manufacturer tells customers and device users about the bug within 30 days, fixes it within 60 days, and shares information about the vulnerability with an ISAO.

What about the Windows family of OS's

Comment Re:Only amongst privacy hating sheeple. (Score 1) 229

Which *IS* a huge market. Does anyone here in the tech community consider their privacy worth less than the convenience of an always on microphone in your house which could be used by corporate, government, or criminal adversaries to spy on your household? And if so: Do you also feel that phone, automobile, and public tracking should be enshrined as part of our daily lives? Flag as Inappropriate

Dude . What privacy?

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