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Comment Isn't that exactly what it means? (Score 1) 168

"as he felt the term implied that drivers could operate their vehicles without applying their attention to the roads."
The only reason I'd want a car with autopilot is so I don't have to apply attention to the roads.
I've seen videos of people with autopilot and their hands are hovering around the steering wheel and they look nervous.
If that's how we're expected to use autopilot then that sucks. I wanted to be able to read a book, watch TV, surf the net, or work on my laptap.

Comment here in the future we do this differently (Score 1) 92

Using this terahertz method, once you get deeper into the book the paper and print from previous pages get in the way.
Here in the future we do things differently. We collide waves from two different directions that could permeate the paper and print unaffected, such that they intersect at the point of interest, and then emit some new wave with a characteristic dependent on the material in which they intersected (blank paper, air, or ink), which can also permeate the paper and print unaffected, and can be detected externally. I will give details at a later time.

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