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Comment here in the future we do this differently (Score 1) 92

Using this terahertz method, once you get deeper into the book the paper and print from previous pages get in the way.
Here in the future we do things differently. We collide waves from two different directions that could permeate the paper and print unaffected, such that they intersect at the point of interest, and then emit some new wave with a characteristic dependent on the material in which they intersected (blank paper, air, or ink), which can also permeate the paper and print unaffected, and can be detected externally. I will give details at a later time.

Comment it's not just about academics (Score 1) 700

Going to a school is where you learn how crazy the world is. You interact with kids that are good, bad, friends, enemies, jocks, dorks, geeks, chicks, tomboys, bitches, bullies, honest, liars, druggies, straight edge, spoiled, poor, genius, idiots, boys, men, girls, women. You have teachers that are caring, could care less, inspiring, dead wood, fair, unfair. You interact with individuals, dozens, and sometimes hundreds of people at a time. Computer labs, machine shops, wood shops, sports equipment, art supplies, and these days even 3D printers. All that interaction in the hallways, homeroom, classrooms, gym, music, art, cafeteria. It's all so overwhelming and scary, but that's all part of it too.
Trying to pack this into the home version is quite an undertaking.
My wife and I were scared, well more nervous, about my kids going to school, and thought about homeschooling. I convinced my wife, who would have be the stay-at-home teacher, that it would be too much, and decided I really wanted my kids to go to school. She kept pushing, but I pointed out how hard it was just taking care of the crazy kids and how hard it would be adding in all the above too. Eventually, she gave up on the idea.

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