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Comment Re:Radiation wrecks robots? (Score 1) 307

Depends on the component. Google around how a camera flash too close tto a raspberry pi causes a reboot (slightly older versions, like the early releases of v2)

Also, a ccd is a charged coupled device... Its just *waiting* for radiation to hit it. It sounds like the cameras are the first things to go on these probes/robots.
Things like a motor, hooked to a battery, not so vulnerable.

Comment Re:Won't Be Star Trek (Score 1) 146

The problem is, and it's admittedly *my* problem... Once I know it's a veiled copy, every lame name change, every alteration so that "it doesn't upset the lawyers" will snap me out of what I'm watching and make me roll my eyes. Much like Andromeda. I have no idea how much of the Kevin Sorbo "takeover" of Andromeda made it look cheesier than normal Star Trek, or if it was simply the "Action Pack" production company's fault... But I tried hard... But in the end Andromeda was border-line unwatchable.

Comment Re:How is CBS and Paramount harmed by fan fiction? (Score 3, Informative) 146

Well, apparently, the damages *could* be something like, "Hey, we can crowd-fund this cool Axanar thing, or we could go buy the Star Trek Beyond DVD..."

As for the donations to cover production... It seems the sticking point was they used the money to pay for tangible equipment and a studio that could be considered profit. I'm not sure if that's accurate 100% or if there was something else.

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