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Comment Nearly a good argument (Score 2) 198

That's quite a can of worms you've ripped the lid off. Superficially, yes, you are right.

But the reality is that ~half of electric power is generated from coal, not hydrocarbons. (as an aside In my opinion burning hydrocarbons in powerstations is dopey, oil and natural gas should be reserved for uses where their extraordinary energy density is most useful, basically aeroplanes and the like,)

The consequence of burning coal is that for many many many regions worldwide, an EV actually produces more CO2 than a similar sized diesel or petrol car.

Sorry about that.

Comment O FFS (Score 1) 255

Your description of the mechanical path is correct, but most manufacturers who care still allow the driver to sense some of the torque being applied to the steering axis of the tire. That is to say, if I plot unassisted SW (steering wheel) torque vs latacc, compared with assisted torque vs latacc, the EPAS removes a large, but not all, the torque, even when parking which is where the most assistance is used.

Various companies do intentionally or unintentionally get rid of all the Mz (torque on the tire about the vertical axis) feedback to the driver.

Of the other forces/torques on the tire it is reasonable to say that most manufacturers tend to try and eliminate steering wheel torque as a response. For instance, torque steer, single wheel bumps, braking on unequal mu surfaces, should all ideally be isolated from the SW, although I must admit in the latter case I don't mind a bit of feedback via the SW.

Comment Re:Define "Fully" automated (Score 1) 278

Can I perhaps guess you haven't worked on a real farm for a full week? Every single manual task is designed to be the limit for a healthy person, for example grain is hefted in 50 kg (112 lb) sacks. How many 50 kg sacks can you shift in a day? great cos that is your job. Those neat little straw bales are about 15 kg (33lb), you need to stack 40 of those so the hydraulic clamp can pick them up. Now there are some reasonably cruisy bits, sitting in a tractor listening to the radio while ploughing or whatever. That is of course the easiest job to automate.

Comment Exactly the reverse is true (Score 1, Interesting) 284

Lighting your hair on fire will hurt you today. Too much salt may (16% probability) increase your blood pressure which may be the thing that helps kill you, and will certainly put more stress on your kidneys etc, which again may be the thing that kills you eventually. Pollution (of various types) damages populations NOW, whereas global warming is actually beneficial for the first couple of degrees for humanity as a whole, according to the IPCC even (AR5) . So your example was a mirror image of the actual situation.

Incidentally, the alarmists as ever seem keen to confuse weather and climate. We are in the peak of an El Nino. They are hot. next year you'll see cooler temperatures, and who knows, we might even see another pause. That would be funny. None of this has to with climate, which I agree, is getting a little hotter on a decade by decade, on average. Nonetheless the CO2 based models are still getting it hopelessly wrong.

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