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Comment Re:Accounting (Score 1) 92

But he has a point, it was always a greedy game. It's more like some kind of monkeynomics get more "now, while you still can". Combine that with "everyone else is motivated by quarterly results", and boom: even if you can see your own short sightedness, you are afraid your competitor will run so lean, they'll wipe the floor with your 10 year plan.

Comment Re:Still only 16 GB of RAM! (Score 1) 114

RAM prices just have not fallen enough I guess. Lately, across all spectrums consumer computing, I sense a... disturbance in the force. Smartphones don't need to be new to run all the apps you need at a reasonable speed. Laptops are improving in some areas, but in some, it's the same as 5 years ago, as an earlier commenter mentioned. Desktops have seen great strides in the SSD department, but RAM prices still suck, and ancient motherboards and processor specs abound. Intels NG desktop stuff is mostly just going to be more power efficient too! I mean I love the atmosphere, that is great, but raw computing power just seems stalled lately, it's like living in molasses world compared to a decade or (especially) two ago!

Comment Re:Tired of 2010 options (Score 1) 114

Not true. MS Office in windows, save to onedrive, you don't need the local sync client set to sync. On linux, you can use google-drive-ocaml-fuse to mount g drives without locally syncing them. These are just two random examples. Honestly, I agree with everything OP said except 200GB drives as well, it's just not financially practical if you want an SSD for lower level mods, it's the part that is still replaceable on many laptops as well(!!), whereas RAM is almost always soldered. I agree though, all these 2-4GB things coming out seem destined for a landfill pretty soon, especially if they run windows.

Comment Re:That's the wrong move. Build a market for ivory (Score 1) 67

I understand the sentiment, but really, the insanely high price means new goons would pop up instantly to fill the power vacuum. You have to lower demand and protect the existing wild animals as much as is financially feasible. Keep in mind, in Africa, a lot of these animals actually live on private land, and private landowners (often running a managed hunting area) are basically at war with poachers 24/7/365. In other words, they already kind of do raise ivory, but poachers will brave their life (easy "profession" to die in) because the potential rewards are staggering. The money seems big even by US$ standards, now imagine that x 100-1000 purchasing power in their local economies.

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