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Comment Re:Anthropometrics (Score 1) 819

As always, a look into other countries could help!

As for the seating, if an airline is not able to provide the minimum necessary space for 95% of the populace (Sorry for your 5/11!), then it should not compete in such a market.

And your argument about the passengers choosing the cheapest flights is invalid. How abot the airlines increase their price and let true competition from outside the US show them how it is done?

Comment Re:Anthropometrics (Score 5, Informative) 819

If you're speaking about european or asian flights then those have overcapacity due to massive government subsidies overbuilding the fleets, not from capitalism.

Who told you that bullshit? EU regulations forbid subsidizing transportation companies.

The reason for european economy flights being comfyer is that we have true competition in Europe, with several dozen companies, as opposed to the US where you have only 3! I choose y flight very carefully based on comfort as well as price!
  Oh, and this EU law:
Sorry to bring it to you that way, but your uncontrolled predatory capitalism brought your country into this situation!

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