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Comment Re:Anthropometrics (Score 1) 819

As always, a look into other countries could help!

As for the seating, if an airline is not able to provide the minimum necessary space for 95% of the populace (Sorry for your 5/11!), then it should not compete in such a market.

And your argument about the passengers choosing the cheapest flights is invalid. How abot the airlines increase their price and let true competition from outside the US show them how it is done?

Comment Re:Anthropometrics (Score 5, Informative) 819

If you're speaking about european or asian flights then those have overcapacity due to massive government subsidies overbuilding the fleets, not from capitalism.

Who told you that bullshit? EU regulations forbid subsidizing transportation companies.

The reason for european economy flights being comfyer is that we have true competition in Europe, with several dozen companies, as opposed to the US where you have only 3! I choose y flight very carefully based on comfort as well as price!
  Oh, and this EU law:
Sorry to bring it to you that way, but your uncontrolled predatory capitalism brought your country into this situation!

Comment Re:Citation Please (Score 1) 264

I'm not being sarcastic, I'd just like some more info. It's hard for me to do research myself right now as I had cataract surgery and certain types of computer work can be intensely frustrating.

I'll try!
In 1922 all weapon purchases were banned and private weapons had to be confiscated

In a law passed 1928 all guns had to be registered and only permit holders were allowed to posess a weapon, no exemption!

After disarming Jews, using an edict from the former German Weimar republic, the Nazi government passed a law in 1938 that allowed law abiding citizens the possession of weapons without the need for a permit.
All long barreled weapons and ammo were free for purchase and needed no registration (Austria still retains this law!) Only sidearm were regulated.
Members of gun clubs (Schützenvereine) were exempt from needing any permit - most gun clubs were (and today still are) considered right wing organizations.
Members of the NSDAP Nazi party were exempt of the need to apply for a weapons permit to possess and carry weapons.
Weapons were forbidden to Jews, Gypsies, convicted felons, homosexuals and members of subversive groups (socialists and communists). They were not allowed any kind of weapons or ammo - including knives and swords!

The general German population has been encouraged to arm themselves and at the same time, the opposition has been disarmed. Most political enemies of the Nazis have by then been convicted or set on a list disallowing them any kind of armament.

The Wikipedia entry in English is missing the interesting part. Try the German one with Google translate:

P.S. The guy modding me a troll deserves to burn in hell! :)

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