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Comment Re:GPU is not that useful for audio (Score 1) 157

Fortunately, you are terrible wrong! :-) On the GPU you can trivially explore the parallelism of multiple identical channel strips or multiple, polyphonic synth voices. The code to do this can almost be copy/pasted from your favorite on-line DSP resource - the difference being that you'll get 32 of each (assuming the function call is warp aware) rather than one.

Comment Re:Support (Score 1) 407

One question that is completely missing in the discussion is "Why did they attack?" ... I think to most people this is still a deep mystery, it just came out of the blue for no reason at all. Very few see the connect to the (still ongoing) US foreign policy against the peoples of the Middle East.

Submission + - Israeli to be treated as terrorist for stolen cred (

An anonymous reader writes: Yesterday Israel declared it would respond to the recent credit card breach as if it was terrorism. Now that at least one Israeli have been identified as profiting from the stolen credit cards, it is now time to see how Israel's terrorism laws will come into play.

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