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Comment Re:Other way? (Score 1) 249

You could of course just opt for the cheaper in the long run plan of properly physically securing your home against rodent infiltration. Though I guess if your house is made out of matchsticks that might be somewhat harder because they could in theory gnaw their way in.

Anyway the chances of a rodent being able to get into my house through anything other than a door left open is precisely zero.

Comment Re:Whew! (Score 1) 514

There are many different types of averages out there, the arithmetic mean (which is what you used) being just one.

You could of course use the median in which case the average is $1, or you could use the mode in which case the average is still $1, or you could use the geometric mean which in the first case is $1.0000138155 which is to the nearest cent $1, and in the second case $1.00001681138 which is still $1 to the nearest cent.

The median, mode and geometric mean are all far more useful measures of the average in situations like this, as anyone with a passing knowledge of statistics and probability would know. Basically only clueless morons use the arithmetic mean in situations like this.

Comment Re:Way more than that (Score 1) 174

I'm saying what the E.U. is doing is theft, and would say the same thing about any company the E.U. s trying to illegally steal money from.

Except the issue is whether or not Apple and Ireland colluded to give illegal state aid in the form of tax breaks not available to everyone. The EU contend that they did and the illegal state aid must be repaid. It's all perfectly legal and not theft. The only criminals in this are Apple and the Irish government.

Comment Re: Too quiet?? (Score 1) 382

Anyone steeping out into the road without looking visually risks killing one of the already millions of silent journeys conducted by cyclists. I unfortunately knew a victim of such an incident. Consequently any person blind or otherwise using traffic noise as a proxy for determining whether it is safe to step out into the road is a sociopath. It is never acceptable under any circumstances ever.

Comment Re:he's right (Score 1) 155

No IBM would wait till Ellison got the ruling he needed from the SCOTUS, then pounce. If copying the Java language is not allowed without paying fees then copying the SQL language without paying the appropriate fees is also not allowed.

IBM would just claim that they thought like most of the rest of the industry that languages where not protected like that which is why they are only bringing the case now.

Comment Re:Stop apologizing (Score 1, Flamebait) 292

There is a *WORLD* of difference between a genuine Celiac disease sufferer and trendy fad based gluten intolerance morons. The former I have all the sympathy in the world for. It is a really shitty condition to have. The latter I regard in the same light as Apollo hoxars, anti-vaccination and all other conspiracy and fad based things. These people I consider idiots and morons. They are the sorts of people that allow "alternative facts" to thrive. They are on the same level as Holocaust denial and I have an absolute disdain for their beliefs, and I am perfectly willing to say so.

Comment Re:What is up with this anti-gluten bullshit? (Score 0) 292

No gluten in oats my dear and I think you will find that oats are a grain... So want to explain to me why you are avoiding *ALL* grains then?

Nope you can't, it's just a food fad along the lines of antivax as far as I am concerned.

Let's put it this way if there was widespread gluten intolerance in the human population, given it has been part of the diet of homo-sapiens since they came into existence then you would have thought it would have come up long before now.

The anti-gluten fad is predicated in the false assessment that humans only started consuming gluten when we started farming about 10,000 years ago. Problem with that is the pre-farming hunter-gather societies where consuming grains as a part of their diet prior to that. That is what the *GATHER* bit is all about for crying out loud.

Comment Re:Wait.... (Score 1) 405

While I accept that as being the case. In any story I have ever seen printed in a paper or TV that I have inside information on (aka I had direct access to the story outside of what was being reported), what I have seen reported has *ALWAYS* been full of factual inaccuracies.

The easiest way to see how bad they are is to wait till next time they report on something technical/science in a field you are in. I ensure you that it will be full of mistakes.

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