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Comment Re:About time. (Score 5, Informative) 635

Clearly you missed the bit about getting it *BEFORE* he was due his vaccination. However that aside the measles vaccination is not 100% effective, so even if you have had it you can still get measles. Its bloody rare but I personally had the misfortune to catch it as a young adult (literally a couple of days before my degree finals started) and I can assure you it is fucking unpleasant, and for me personally disastrous for my career prospects going forward.

Anti vaxers are the scum of society in my view.

Comment Re:Not happy at all for a "Pro" laptop from Apple. (Score 1) 307

Why on gods earth to people still buy printers that need to be plugged in to a computer? Of all the peripherals that you can get for computers the printer is absolutely the one that should be networked. The idea of plugging a printer into a laptop is so retarded it beggars belief. Any such printer is a heap of junk that needs consigning to the trash at the first available opportunity.

I would note that wireless printers are the next stupidest thing imaginable, wire it up to your router for god sake or wireless access point or whatever.

Comment Re:But . . . (Score 1) 434

That is the most informative post I have ever seen anywhere about the classified emails. Assuming what is posted here is true, then one can see why the FBI didn't bring chargers because there is not a chance in hell of making them stick in a court of law.

On the other hand Mr. Blumenthal or whoever sent him the classified documents needs routing out and banging in jail for a long time. The problem is the rabid hatred of Hillary has clouded this which is the real crime.

Comment Re:$$$ Workstations (Score 1) 310

Doing that on your workstation is frankly as dumb as hell. A compute cluster stuck in a data centre somewhere is a million times more sensible. Oh and before you claim it won't work for you my day job is running a HPC system with thousands of cores and we have users doing exactly what you are doing so try again.

Comment Re:Japan 101 (Score 1) 48

Due to the advent of computers, typesetting costs are minimal these days. For a novel it is less than a days work and you could produce a camera ready PDF yourself if you wanted very easily. Back when it all done by hand or required expensive equipment you might have had a point. However in 2016 you can do it on the cheapest of netbooks for a software cost of $0.

Comment Re:Three Pronged Attack (Score 1) 69

I would just go for 1 and for the really bad things like backdoor accounts, fixed known default passwords etc. Then make the fines repeat at double the rate every say three months if they don't fix it.

At least that way one should in the future be able to buy from big name vendors and have a hope that they are reasonably secure.

Comment Re:HDD NOT going away any time soon (Score 1) 161

I would say up to 500GB of storage don't bother with a hard drive.

For the rest the right way is a honking big NAS box running 24x7. If I want a file I can get it anywhere I am with varying amounts of performance but my internet connection is 19Mbps up, so it's never that shabby unless I am on some really ropey connection.

Comment Re:Local Content Only For Now (Score 1) 173

You are probably right but I have a 80/20Mbps service and stream to somewhere other than my home every single day. My sisters two just go from home to grandma's to their Fire tablets seamlessly and watch stuff on Plex every single day. Most of it's 720p iPlayer downloads of whatever is the latest flavour of the month which is something called Bing at the moment.

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