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Comment Good for you buddy (Score 2) 77

Fair play. Not an easy mission but...
There's plenty of scope for disruption!

I for one am pretty lacking in what I look for in a phone.

The market is not serving me in the following areas:
- user replaceable batteries and generally making a land rover phone future proof
- branded dependability with the likes of cyanogenmod that allows me to choose hardware freely
- headphone jack
- privacy capable hardware on which hackers can build solutions upon
- yet despite being accessible, you can still use stuff like (but not similar to) android pay and knox. For example, a knox like system that is resettable with a counter, not a efuse
- something for grandma
-something for blind people. In particular, a phone without a screen. Could be tactile
- extended warranty, quality spares, accessible and honest spares market

A lot of this stuff is undercutting vendors by raising quality and what you get. Some scope for that. Might only need to hit a few special sell buttons and already it's a niche safe zone in the market

Comment I tried it (Score 1) 78

I just did some tests.
- appears to be a Chromium based fork. Settings menu is almost the same
- lighter on RAM and CPU than chrome with an adblocker. Tends to be a bit quicker on an ageing setup
- Chinese owned so probably has to comply with Chinese state requests so if you're trying to keep your data footprint to Google that could be a fail but it's hard to really know huh?
- crashes a lot. Crashed once just posting this. Crashed on a scripting benchmark
- not particularly efficient on screen real estate with the right hand side box visual tabs

Not a solution for my ageing computer. Still struggling on with Firefox.

Comment A half measure isn't useless (Score 1) 177

I think this can quickly go defeatist if you try to be completely watertight.

Trying only to maintain some privacy enough to get cheaper flight tickets, less spam and less echo chamber circle jerking might be more reasonable than trying to beat the NSA.

I really think there ought to be a turn-key solution with all of the low impact stuff already enabled.

For example:
- cookies and cross site data (i.e. tracking pixels) to be permitted cross site only if approved... but always approved if on the same domain. Wipe pixels periodically
- cycle VPN access reliably and always within the same country
- locally run DNSCRYPT

The hassle in privacy IMHO is that the tech is too varied in what it can do. The usability isn't there. i.e Noscript is useful but it's hassle to use. The thing is, it should be hassle to use in a very secure way, but there should be more moderate ways to use it which is less work.

Comment Re:Murdoch newspapers? (Score 1) 64

The Sun is a real dirt paper.

The utility is for people leaking really every day stuff like "He's not her child" or some such rubbish. They probably don't expect to get anything important out of it. But if they do then they probably have the ability to compromise the anonimity in exchange for a kickback from other powerful interests, or just for their own sake.

There's a wide range of types of leaks. I'll probably be used first for NHS stuff in the UK (overworked nurse killed my grandfather, this kind of thing)

Comment need local support (Score 2) 228

It doesn't seem wise to try to construct such a thing without people on side.

Its too easy to protest non violently after construction with mobile phone signals and halogen lights.

I lived in La palma for a while in Europe. People here are happy to have mobile internet service and mobile reception cut mid call to improve observation. You need that level of support.

If you can get support then you have to build on another territory. I know the USA has other territories similar. I would like to be able to quote where. AFAIK what stops this is that observatories also serve military purposes and that is something that limits where they can put these things. If this aspect was more honest though the hiding behind 'betterment of humankind' wouldn't work so well.

Slightly offtopic: I find the domes really beautiful. Its the curve. If only our cities were freer from the tyranny of straight lines a bit more we might all be a lot happier and productive

Comment fallback (Score 1) 104

I agree. I always think the opposite when a spy opens mouth :D
Possibly the fight has moved the playing field.
Somebody, somewhere has no eyes. Old people have worn out fingerprints. Because of this there's a way round it. And, of course the battle just moves to compromising the databases.

In a few years time we might find out more. Shame not to know now bit with spooks you just got to get used to curbing your curiousity all the time.

Comment arch, branding (Score 0) 128

I think M$ need to be clearer about processors. Only the techies seem to get that an Atom doesn't run x86/x64.

I travelled around Japan and hong Kong looking for a replacement for my broken laptop. I deliberated whether to stick with something that can run x86.

  nowhere in both countries was it really clear what the tablets and computers in the shops actually run. Its a mix and they don't label. Often i had to look up what the processor is to find out. I ended up guessig a lot to save time - cheaper tended to be atom, medium price could be a celeron or an atom and expensive tends to be a i3/5 or 7...but also could just be an upmarket atom.
Its better in Europe but not much. Spain also confusion rains. Uk is better.

I looked at the SP3. Pretty good but lowest ifixit rating due to glue. Lots of people with smashed screens. The battery will west out and then you're screwed. I looked at Japanese specialities such as the Panasonic let's note but at $2000 that's going to induce stress in the road.

So in the end I bought a £200 Zoostorm plex. Made in China... Built in the uk. I shipped this all the way to Hong Kong. Not ideal but half price than the alternatives x86.

I now expect atom will take over in the next few years. But hopefully this will tide me over. Only 2gb runs better on 8.1 than xp... Very strange.

So Microsoft are competing with the likes of the Samsung galaxy pro imho... Since its same processor in this RT... Or whatever you want to not call it ... Thing.

I guess people will shy away from this because they see Microsoft and think bad battery - this is a laptop. Then they might buy a celeron based tablet .... So stupid the branding.
Perhaps there's some pride in m$ that prevents them seeing their link to x86 and less portable computing? Or is it that techies are less ignorant and such they have no clue? Or are they trying to rebrand?
I don't know but this is really basic stuff and theyre messing it up.

The sp3 is amazing though. Not sure what to make if this non pro thing.
At least the word'pro' is a step in the right direction

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