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Comment Re:Snarky course title (Score 1) 387

Reminds me of when I had to register a visitor to our company (can't get past the security desk without registering) from "Big Ass Fans". (In spite of the company name, she had a nice, normal-sized ass, but I digress.)
Never thought much about the name until I had to write it down for all posterity to see, then it seemed wildly inappropriate.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 2) 387

Where the fuck did you go to college?
When I went to college 40 years ago, parroting the professors would've gotten me a D at best. And while there were plenty of students advocating various communistic/socialistic views, they were already in decline and no professors I ran into advocated that (or any other particular political view) in class.

Comment Re: Well, once the panels are installed (Score 1) 415

Without tax subsidies that expensive solar plant will not pay off against the coal plant. What's more that's from the Obama EIA which was trying to kill off the coal industry.

Actually, according to the link you provided, which is projecting to 2022 costs, the only electricity sources beating photovoltaic without tax breaks are geothermal and combined cycle gas. And the only sources worse than coal are offshore wind and solar thermal. That said, it also discusses big regional variations in costs, so, of course, don't depend on solar in the winter in Alaska (and don't build a large scale coal plant far away from customers and existing coal transportation infrastructure).

Comment Re:Does not matter (Score 3, Interesting) 142

In my experience with a not-publicly-traded company that decided to create an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), it was just a way for the owners to take cash out of the company without selling it on the market. Turns out they allotted shares worth 1/3 of the company to the ESOP, and had the coroporation borrow money in order to purchase those shares from the owners and give them to employees instead of contributing to 401Ks (I called it the "all eggs in one basket retirement plan"). The owners got cash and the employees got non-voting shares that dropped in value every year (especially 2009).

Comment Re:Trump! (Score 1) 194

If you adjust for inflation using the PCI index (rather then the bullshit CPI) you will notice that $200k is the mean income (in todays dollars) that your parents parents parents would have been making back then.

Since my father's father's father came to America in a sailing boat (not diesel or even coal-fired steam) and worked at a time before almost anyone had a phone (let alone a cell phone) or an automobile, and was amazed (so my father told me) at the new-fangled marvel the radio, I'd like to know how you came to the conclusion that you could convert his buying power into today's dollars?

Comment Re:Sitting != inactivity (Score 1) 147

Sitting still is like, 1.5~MET activity and standing still is about 20-30% more across fit to unhealthy people.

Really? Because according to an old article in the ASHRAE journal that I ran across, office work is only about 1.2 Met and sitting in a lecture hall or library is only around 1.0 Met.

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