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Comment Re:The Goldman talks... (Score 5, Insightful) 312

Nobody cares about the content of those talks, least of all anybody at Goldman Sachs. She could have stood at the lectern and read Rod McKuen poems for all they care. The issue is that the money Goldman gave her for those "speeches" are in fact bribes paid on spec, against the contingency of her getting into the white house.


Comment Re:Work ethic alternates with generations... (Score 0) 326

The "Greatest Generation". A bunch of over-indulgent assholes whose failings brought about the "greatest" depression.

Nonsense. They had the depression inflicted on them by the likes of Wilson, Hoover, and Roosevelt. Blaming all the people in the country for the incompetence of the "progressives" is asinine.


Comment Re:I'm fine with it.. (Score 0) 369

you are practising your own form of censorship

I don't believe you know what "censorship" means, snowflake. Go look it up, and then go look up "criticism", and come on back when you understand the difference.

you're attempting to suppress the OP's opinion by force

And you don't know what "force" means, either. As for suppressing his opinion, WTF? Have I got a gun to his head?


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