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Comment Re:Stupid vs harmless (Score 1) 255

Well I disagree that it's dumb. People do things all the time just to feel good. No really, JUST to feel good. They don't learn anything, they don't help anyone... anything. Like eating chocolate, or horse riding, or reading fiction, or watching movies, or masturbation, to name a few. Unless you think they should all be banned, I fail to see why THEY'RE ok for feeling good, but vaping some pot isn't. The principle is identical.

Comment Re:Other way around (Score 1) 377

Battery cases prove SOME people like fatter phones, but they are a minority.

The free market is supposed to cater for niches, too. What seems to have happened is we have a bunch of Android smartphone manufacturers competing to make their phones identical to the iPhone, and ignoring everyone else. This seems like a market failure.

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