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Comment Re:Should be recording all the time (Score 1) 65

The video would be an official record, which means retention schedules kick in - you can't just delete it because no one has asked for it yet.
It could quite easily be required to be kept for 2 / 6 /10 years.
Oh and they need to be managed, so you can search for the time/date/officer/location.

That 1TB per officer per fortnight could end up being a billion dollar information management system...

Comment Re:The fringe cases are still going to be hard (Score 1) 365

If a crash is unavoidable though, then it is safer for the passenger to hit a soft target like a crowd of people than something hard like a telephone pole. The passenger is much more likely to survive hitting a person than a brick wall but a human will usually choose the wall.

My instinct is to swerve *away* from a hard object and go for the open path (like a sidewalk), even if that turns out to be filled with soft humans. Those humans might see me coming and get out of the way, or at least be taken care of slightly by the pedestrian friendly bumper, and go over the top of the car.
A telephone pole is going to break my day.
I think you are wrong in this assessment.

Comment Re:Simple reason.... (Score 1) 310

I also have a Mazda 3 with navigation. You can self-update the music database using GraceNote, and the maps using Naviextras - both provided by Mazda.


Pretty good deal IMO. Navigation is usually very good too.

Comment Re:Not Netflix's fault (Score 1) 181

It's time for the government to step in and break up the cable/studio/isp's into their separate pieces again.

Separate into:
* internet wholesalers
* internet service providers
* content owners/content delivery

This would enable retail competition at the ISP level, reduce costs by removing the overbuilding of last mile infrastructure (hopefully allowing best-of-breed), and remove ISP specific content.

We were trying to do that in Australia, however a new government was elected and decided that the best-of-breed infrastructure (fibre) was too expensive to rollout, so now we're going to be lumbered with a bunch of high-cost last mile technologies, and a problem in getting the thing built within a budget where revenue exceeds costs.

Comment Re:Not Sure if... (Score 1) 311

The US version is a failure, due to the implementation requirements causing significant increases in processing the transaction. It's been detailed somewhere here before already in a previous story.
Every other country I've been to where you can use chip & pin (even tap & pin), will have the transaction completed in 5 to 15 seconds.

Comment Re:Excellent sensor package, terrible design... (Score 3, Insightful) 58

And I was just started to getting interested about the device family! Apparently MS has too little patience for the consumer electronics market, or I'm too slow a potential customer.

They've stuck it out with the XBox, but otherwise seem to be abandoning whole areas where they have little market share:
* music players (understandable with mobile phones on the rise)
* mobile phones - declining
* wearables - out

IMO the mobile & PAN devices such as wearable will continue to grow and become more complex. Microsoft abandoning these is a strange decision.

Comment Re:OOooOOOooh! They got CAUGHT! (Score 1) 117

It may help if you want to charge your device on an airplane - this is an obvious indicator that the battery has been checked and is ok to be charged.
If you use a red icon for a dangerous battery, a standard white icon then indicates that the battery has been checked and is fine, OR that that firmware has not been updated,and the battery has not been checked and may cause a fire.

Comment AI (Score 1) 46

Almost sounds like an AI that is still in the primitive type phase of 'flight or fight', focusing only on flight for now. Wait for a few more iterations of the AI core and it will have both sorted - along with how to play at being a dumb computer.
That's when the future of the world hangs in balance - is the AI annoyed at being arrested, or OK with "keeping the peace"?

Comment Re:Mobileye understands lit. Musk doesn't. (Score 1) 218

The average age of cars is 8-12 years, depending on your country. Self-driving cars will take a decade to become the norm after they completely replace unassisted cars in the marketplace, which is still years away simply due to immaturity of the technology and price to implement in the cheaper cars.

Comment Re:At what point do end-users become responsible (Score 1) 237

As a Win10 user, I'm annoyed at forced updates at inconvenient & strange times ( in primetime, while i'm playing a multiplayer game - really?), and that a whole bunch of telemetry is running, much of which I doubt is useful for maintaining security of my system. Let me set the time for updates, then stick to it.

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