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Comment Re: Perl (Score 1) 181

Perl is not a write only language in any way. If you're looking at write only Perl code it was written by a write only programmer.

I found the expressiveness of the Perl language is something that lets me write more code that does exactly what it looks like it does as idioms or phrases. I don't use Perl idioms for compactness. I use them because it makes my intent clear.

Comment Re: Why (Score 1) 276

Billions over the period of time it will take to inflict the world with our new self driving overlords is not a lot of dough.

It's pretty naive just to tell NTSB just to be friendly and cooperative. I dont want them to be Luddites but there are all kinds of public interests here: safety, fairness, openness at system boundaries to allow interactivity while still competing on tech. Safety is going to be expensive enough but will google apple and tesla cars happily interact? Consortia can deal with a lot of that but there's a real government interest in calling balls and strikes to deal with the usual self dealing proprietary interest shenanigans corporations are prone to. It's in their DNA.

I just don't get this over simplistic attitude of crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is just a description of public private interaction gone wrong. It also goes right and you have to weigh the costs versus benefits.

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