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Comment Re:the future of Mozilla (Score 1) 236

No matter what Mozilla does or doesn't do they get criticized here, it might be different people criticizing different things but still...

This AC hates this Rust idea and wants a faster browser not new features. Well, Servo and the Rust projects is exactly about that: a faster, smoother, safer browsing experience, not new features.

Comment Re: Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score 2, Interesting) 535

I agree with your first sentence but respectfully disagree with the rest; these things are exactly what makes a laptop a premium one and I think it's fair enough. If I had lots of disposable income I'd buy one in a heartbeat. I like macOS too but to be fair I can use any OS, I'm not religious, I dropped religion after the great OS/2 flame wars.

I still have my 2006 Macbook Pro and apart from the battery it's almost like new, after all these years even moving parts like the fans are in perfectly good condition..

I replaced it with a cheap Clevo because I play games and I'm on a tighter budget now. I'd run Kubuntu on the Clevo but GuildWars 2 ran like crap on Linux last I tried, so Windows it is.

Comment Re:Guess I'm obsolete... (Score 3, Informative) 114

I just updated my 2006 Macbook Pro C2D to KUbuntu 14.04 from SnowLeopard because Chrome/Firefox don't support it anymore..

For some reason the 64 bit version couldn't boot so had to be 32bit KUbuntu. Google Chrome doesn't come for 32bit Linux, Chromium does but couldn't load pages. Fortunately Firefox still works but I fear I won't get many more years out of it.

Comment Re:The Matrix (Score 1) 441

This applies to most SciFi, you'll have to accept the premise and just enjoy the movie or you'll never be able to watch anything. Hell, not just SciFi; even your average crime drama where people gets knocked unconscious without getting concussions, get knocked across a room without even bruising or a skinny little girl effortlessly beats up a huge beast of a man and then there is Iron Man who should be a can of meatball soup as many have noticed.

Everything in TV and the movies is bollocks. Just accept and enjoy.

Comment Re:Sorry, still nope (Score 2) 101

I test drove Firefox for a few days recently, taking it through some fairly heavy testing and it seemed to do just fine, moderate memory requirements, good performance, etc. I don't use it as my daily driver but I think saying it has "gone to shit" is a brutal and unfair exaggeration.

As for Opera; given their new owners I'm not going to trust it with my data. Vivaldi may not be super pretty but it's very configurable and uses Chrome extensions, so that has replaced Chrome for me.

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