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Comment Re:Putting it into Perspective. (Score 3, Insightful) 112

Why would I need to "poverty adjust" my internet bill?

To see how much it would cost me if I were poor? I've been poor, didn't really tickle my jigglies much. Worked hard, saved harder, educated myself harder still. Now my kid has no idea what growing up poor is like, so I make her work hard and study hard like an asian parent, an A- is unacceptable.


Google's 'Science Journal' App Turns Your Android Device Into A Laboratory ( 29

An anonymous reader writes about Google's latest 'Science Journal' app that was released at the end of Google I/O last week: Google has launched its 'Science Journal' app that can essentially turn your Android device into a tricorder of sorts. The app uses the sensors in your smartphone to gather, graph and visualize data. For example, you can use Google's Science Journal app to measure sound in a particular area over a particular period of time, or the movement of the device's internal accelerometers. The app is fairly basic to start, but Google is working to expand its functionality. It's even partnering with San Francisco's Exploratorium to develop external kits that can be used with the app -- which includes various microcontrollers and other sensors. As part of its Google Field Trip Days initiative, which allows students from underserved communities to attend a local museum for no cost and includes transportation and lunch, Google sent out 120,000 kits to local science museums. They also sent out 350,000 different pairs of safety glasses to schools, makerspaces, and Maker Faires worldwide, to ultimately help young students work on even bigger projects. You can download the app from the Play Store and start experimenting here.

Comment Re:There's no "may" about it (Score 1) 940

This used to be mitigated by requiring Workfare instead of welfare (thanks obama, literally, for getting rid of workfare /sarcasm). You had to Try and find work, or get cut off from my tax money. This needs to be re-instated. There is no reason an able bodied and capabale indiviudal should be leeching of my hard earned money for more than a short timeframe to get back on feet. After that, they are on their own.

Basic Income is completely idiotic. Why should I subsidize the non workers/non producers, of which they will greatly increase under such a system, simply because they exist. I paid attention in shitty schools, I made mostly wise decisions, I made something for myself, I have a strong work ethic. They can do the same or enjoy the poverty I raised myself out from.

Comment Re:Downloading the intertubes, Daily (Score 1) 264

I've had to register every mac address for every device in the house onto my ASUS Dark Knight's parental controls to block during the evening during the school year so my daughter can get some sleep. Then I had to disable cell data on her phone bc she automatically started using that instead since the wifi booted her at bed time. Forced her onto skype/Facebook Messenger/Vita after she used up months of banked minutes talking to her cousin all day while using cams to play dolls together 300 miles apart.

Comment Re:Downloading the intertubes, Daily (Score 1) 264

This, in spades. Daughter uses her PC for school (public virtual school, far superior to brick-and-mortar public schooling, i'm amazed at what they teach), both her and waifu use youtube and netflix heavily during the day. I use netflix at night. Direct TV downloads on-demand over the intertubes, my skype/google hangout DnD sessions I host, Battlefield, metal gear online, dynasty, counterstrike, waifu's MMOs,twitch streaming, crunchyroll anime, steam, faceyspace and twatter, Daughter voice chatting over Vita while playing minecraft with cousins, IPads and IPhones, multiple laptops and desktops, Live-in mother-in-law faceyspace stalking everyone on her Air and laptop. We're practically a cancer node.

Comment Downloading the intertubes, Daily (Score 5, Funny) 264

Soon as this hit my area, I signed up for the $30 extortion fee, bc 300 gigs is a joke and my household crosses that in a week easy. Now, I make it a point to use as much bandwidth as I can, downloading every goddamn cat video on the internet, twice, daily, while playing games online and streaming netflix on multiple devices most of the day, just because.

I'm getting every damn pennies worth out of it.

Comment Re:Yet another reason to avoid Oracle (Score 1) 229

I'll have to disagree with you on that. Java in a browser has indeed sucked, and probably always will. Java outside of a browser has been great and getting better since 1.4, especially on the server end. I've made swing applications indistinguishable from a native windows application, webservices and backend processes that have very large uptimes. Granted there are some bolt on stuff that totally sucks like JSF, but what idiot does browser side code mixed with backend code in a crappy framework like asf/jsf.

Comment Re:Pricey (Score 1) 109

1) If i could guarantee 150 miles per day at 70mph minimum (speed limit is 70), that would cover my commute. Driving with a bunch of batteries, waiting to get rear ended however, not looking forward to, but a minor concern.

2) No RV stations, and no place to charge at my destination. If I'm low on juice at my destination, I'm screwed and can't get home. I can buy gas within 5 minutes of any point along my route. Thieves are also common in my city, so having a plug outside the home is an invitation to be robbed, if just for the plug's metal alone, plus if I can afford a tesla, what other expensive goodies are in my house.

3) If tesla isn't charging, who is paying for the electricity? Electricity ain't cheap here, esp during the summer. What motivation is there for third parties to install chargers at existing stations if it brings in zero revenue. What is the charging time? It already takes 90 minutes to get to work, I can't wait another 30 on the road to charge up if some damn prankster kid unplugged me over night.

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