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Comment Re: Missing options (Score 1) 599

iOS on iPad Pro 12.9" here. My old Linux desktop died, have an old Windows laptop for iTunes mostly & have a low-power linux server with MythTV, but I am primarily using the iPad. Still trying to figure out what I want in a primary "Desktop" computer. Debating home built, Gaming Laptop or maybe a Steam Machine. Leaning against the Gaming Laptop. I think it my be a little while till then though.

Comment Re:Ha hA! (Score 1) 109

The windows 10 updates are opt out. There are 2 settings. Share over lan & share over you internet connection.

  Win10 has very bad defaults on a number of things. Reseting default apps without clearly showing that you can prevent it, many privacy settings, no parental controls without a MS account(i.e. requires internet to set up), forced updates & probably alot more. My thoughts on the updates it that they should have a setting to delay updates, say 1-14 days. I do think people should be updating, but knowledgable people should have the option to delay.

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