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Comment Re:Why notSimultaneous release toTheaters and iTun (Score 1) 47

There is a word for such behavior: Price Gouging.

"Price gouging" is just the free market at work. Movie rentals are far from a necessity, so if you don't want to pay what the market will bear, then don't rent it. Government intervention to prevent "price gouging" is only justified in emergency situations, such as the aftermath of natural disasters, and even then it often does more harm than good. Gasoline shortages after Hurricane Sandy lasted several days longer than necessary because government imposed price controls disincentivized fuel deliveries. Low prices don't help when the storage tank is empty.

I would say that is mostly due to poor planning on the part of officials. When Hurricane Matthew was bearing down on Florida back in October, the state of FL bought up extra gas supplies and kept them at a safe distance but on hand and ready to deliver to troubled areas. Did gas stations run out of gas before / after the storm? Yes, they did. But the state had their trucks out to those gas stations often the very same day. With satellites and what not, a state has days and days to decide whether or not to make such preparations. It is far safer for the community to ensure that people can afford to buy gas to escape the path of the storm rather than let thousands of people die because they couldn't afford gas.

Comment Re:Google Voice (Score 1) 45

Sooooo, Google Voice? Except GV is carrier independent, and free, so I guess that's what sets it apart.

I actually just tried to sign up for this with GV recently and my only two options were 1) Port my existing number to GV to get free service or 2) pay for GV to be able to keep my number with my current provider. Since I don't want to port my number, I just went with a different company that charges $1 to set it up and $0.01 per minute to accept calls on the new number I wanted.

Comment Re:The original article (Score 2) 90

Makes no claims that the NSA was intercepting calls made by those people in the US, nor GCHQ in the UK. Since Air France was targeted they may have been intercepting calls made anywhere in the world.

This is, by the way, what NSA and GCHQ are supposed to be doing. Intercepting foreign (to the US and UK respectively) communications.

Yes of course that is what those organizations should be doing. But we all know that they no longer restrict themselves to foreign surveillance. This means that if they were doing it against Air France back in 2005, they're now doing it in the US and UK now.

Comment Re:You must be a Trumpist (Score 1) 90

Since you seem to be very factually challenged.

You make a very brazen assumption that they found him due to all of this domestic spying the GCHQ and NSA do. The article makes no mention of how he was found and killed. He may have been targeted and killed on accident. If it was a deliberate act, it is most likely that he was found via leaks on the ground. These terrorist organizations almost never use technology like cell phones, email, etc. They're very careful about it. The smart terrorists evade detection for years through these means. Just look at Osama Bin Laden. He was found by a CIA agent posing as a doctor in Pakistan, not by intercepts and spying in the US, UK, or any other country. I am more inclined to believe Patent Lover is correct - that they've found nearly zero terrorists of any significant value in this way. They can't even find clowns like the shoe bomber using all this illegal spying.

Comment Re:too much segmentation (Score 1) 159

This ala carte thing is really backfiring - as much as I dislike Comcast, there is something to be said for getting everything in one bill. When you add up netflix, HBOgo, hulu, CBS, Amazon, and your choice of Directv NOW, Playstation TV, or that Dish/sling offering plus a decent internet connection, its already more than the tv+net package from the cable company and the content we want constantly disappears or has some goofy restriction placed on it. The media companies are making this WORSE...

Definitely not true for me. Not with the internet package I have, at least. I can spend over $70 on things before I match the price that Comcast wanted to add any TV bundle to my internet service. With that promo price of $35 for DirecTV now, I would still have over $35 to blow on things like Netflix before I started spending more than Comcast wanted.

Comment Re:Let me pick my channel choices (Score 1) 80

How about American cricket fans? Cricket Ticket costs more, by itself, than I pay for gas, car insurance, electricity and water combined. And required an insane tv subscription as a prerequisite.

That's because only you 1%ers have the leisure time to sit around and watch a match for 5 days ;)

Comment Re:Does This Relate To Personal Drive? (Score 4, Insightful) 560

Anecdotal, I know, but the few marijuana users I have known had little drive in their lives (career, education, hobbies). I always wondered whether their personality type caused the use of marijuana or vice versa (or neither). I wonder if this study might explain that.

My guess is their personality, but again my experience is just as anecdotal as yours. I only know a few people who went from smoking weed every day to full-blown pothead. And I know a few people who smoke every day but work incredibly hard. I have never personally tried the stuff, I've never had any inclination, but these kinds of studies should be taken with a grain of salt strictly because we allow people to legally drink alcohol, which is by all appearances far more deadly than marijuana, so why all the hate for people who want to smoke weed from time to time? Society deals with alcoholics, I suspect we can openly deal with potheads, too.

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 177

You mean like the Sugen combined-cycle power plant in Gujarat, India? Or one of the 22 nuclear reactors in operation at seven sites that generate about 25% of India's electricity?

Shhhh we're bashing India right now. You can come back with a comment on India's various achievements next time there's a Trump article posted. Don't worry, there will be one soon enough.

Comment Re:Look at FACE of Amazon (Score 1) 391

This seems to be very common at Amazon. Going by the FACE site, it shows a clear pattern of abuse, and I'm not surprised that this hasn't happened before.

Granted the FACE site is posted to those who are usually pissed at Amazon, but with so many postings and so often it shows that there is a clear pattern of employee abuse.

Hey look at this post from a friend of an Amazon employee! Maybe this person can start a support group? Doesn't sound like Amazon is going to start one.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 256

Eating less fast food has far more to do with marketing than actually feeling full. No one stops in the middle of a Super-sized triple-decker McShitburger "happy" meal just because they feel full. Not when there's still 2 pounds of french fries left.

I almost never feel full. I don't know if it's my biome, my genome, my upbringing, or what. I always feel like I could eat more. As a teen and 20 something when I could eat unlimited amounts of crap and not gain weight, I would be one of those eating 5 or 6 plates of food from an all you can eat-buffet.

As I hit my 30's I began to gain weight so had to start watching what I eat. I'm always hungry, I always feel like I could eat more, but I limit what I eat to stay healthy. Some of us, myself included, never feel full. It takes a huge amount of willpower for me to not overeat and maintain a healthy weight. I fully sympathise with those who do get huge because they have large appetites. It would certainly be very easy to let go and just pig out rather than be hungry all the time, like I am.

Many people who are overweight aren't so because they continued eating after they felt full, they just don't feel full.

I am the same way. I played sports daily as a kid and college student and would literally eat all day. I do find that certain foods make me feel full - but never for long. I go from full to famished in about an hour. I basically starve myself all morning because, if I ate breakfast at home, I'd eat breakfast two more times in the office before an early lunch. Exercising on a daily basis causes me to increase my intake to 4-5000 calories a day. It's all a game of self control.

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 1429

I'm not trying to claim that you have to coddle farmers at all. I am just saying that you could not afford to throw away 90% of the landmass of the US because you don't like their political views. That's not just food, that is military, national security, transportation, all those things that we take for granted because of the cohesiveness of the country. You do realize that most members of the military (not all) are from red states? And which blue states have nuclear submarines? Washington state and that's about it. I'm not trying to claim that the red states would nuke the blue states or vice versa. I am just saying that without the red states the blue states would not have very much in the way of self defense or security. And good luck maintaining a cohesive country with 2600 miles of flyover of a non-friendly country between your two most populous states. Sure, it's possible but shipping raw materials, food, and resources through the Panama canal is not cheaper than a train full of goods across the continent. You naively have this notion that California or whatever state you live in is so successful despite the country around it and not because of the benefits of that country and the (relatively) cohesive culture you find in the US. You also seem to naively believe that there are such vast differences between the reds and the blues when the fact of the matter is that the politicians are playing the reds and the blues against each other over stupid shit. The two parties are almost identical in every meaningful way and just have talking points about abortion, gay rights, immigration, and things like that. In general you don't see either side doing anything more than talking about touching any of those things. It's all a fucking show.

Comment Re:Let me pick my channel choices (Score 1) 80

Of all of those channels, I only saw two or three that I would want to watch. I don't want ESPN. Should I completely cut the cable, let me choose the 10 channels I want, some of which aren't listed, for $1.00 each, and I might be all in. I might need to pay Comcast an extra $50 per month for unlimited data use because of data use limits now in force. I see very few channels that don't have commercials. I HATE commercials.

That would be ideal but that is exactly the situation that the channel owners / networks do not want. They force you to pay for channels you don't want to get the things you do want. The demographic that always gets screwed the most? Latin American soccer lovers. You want to get Univision Deportes? It's only ever in the most expensive package. I love soccer, but I am not crazy about it. There's no way I am paying for that pack just to watch a few soccer games.

To put this cost into perspective, though, I just picked up gigabit internet last week. The provider offered me something akin to this 60 channel package and wanted over $60 a month for it. I knew this was going to be unveiled soon and figured I would wait and see. It's honestly a bit of disappointment, but I might sign up for 3 months to try it out and get the free Apple TV.

Comment Re:Tax evasion is popular...News at 11. (Score 1) 81

Wait, you mean to tell me those who don't like paying obscene taxes on goods the rest of the world enjoys VAT-free, try and find ways around it?

I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

In related news, I wonder how many of those high-level regulators who are super-pissed about this problem also enjoy tax loopholes on a personal level.

Speaking of loopholes, any chance regulators from the Tax Haven of the Universe (Ireland) are super-pissed? They shouldn't be, since they harbor tax evasion on a scale most can't even dream of.

Oh if only you could have bothered to read the summary.

Mostly, however, their prices remain in line with law-abiding competitors and the proceeds of evasion disappear overseas, often to China.

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