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Comment MSM trying to get their power back (Score -1) 154

All of the news about fake news is just the people who thought they controlled all information trying to get their power back. All major TV networks, Google, FB, DNC, RNC, PACs of the mega rich all thought they had absolute power. By some fluke of nature this wildcard lunatic goes against them all and wins. This will not be allowed to happen in the future. All sources of information must be validated and unapproved information suppressed.

The Fake News label has about the same value as Fact Checking. Sometimes it is obvious but when it really matters, fake = not aligned with my bias.

Comment No monopoly by ideology (Score 2) 470

Maybe I just have a lot naive liberal friends. I see lots of fake stories from both sides I would say at least equal amounts left and right. I just scroll past and I have stopped following some on both sides. I never challenge anything on-line because you just get incoherent rants from the poster and they do not hear what you are saying. It is not fake because they believe the premise. The facts are just an annoyance.

People will believe without question anything that matches their ideology or preconceived notions and they will vehemently challenge anything against them. This is true across all ideologies and probably true for the people at Facebook who saw fake news as a conservative problem.

Comment Re:I'm not seeing good explanations here.... (Score 2) 128

I cannot find anything that says why this is a good idea. If FB, Google, etc, are supporting it there has to be a reason and they are not saying. I can speculate that these companies could possibly claim to be global entities and not US corporations and avoid taxes/regulations or otherwise piss off a US administration with no fear of the domain getting shut down. It is probably short sighted because they may have more control over the US government and more due process than some unelected international body.

Comment Re:Politician-Speak (Score 1) 875

Trump is not a Republican by any stretch of the imagination. He is using the Republican system because he picked that channel for his sales effort. I am not convinced he will make the republican nomination. The GOP does not want him because they do not appear to control him.

The fact is that if anyone with a D or R beside their name is elected (and they will be unfortunately) all will remain the same. D & R and just different sales channels of the same government.

Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

The internet is a big part of the problem. Whatever you want to believe no matter how far from reality has an strong support system on the internet. Prior to the internet you could have crazy beliefs but you still had to interact with people of varying views. This helped to center most people. Now you can stare at your phone all day and be completely brainwashed by whatever you want to believe.

Facebook and others help with the process.. They know pretty quickly if you are for or against something and then overload you with click bait slanted to your point of view.

Comment GNU Tools (Score 1) 136

I was working for a VAR that used Xenix and later SCO Unix and AT&T Unix (NCR Towers). Somehow I ran across some GNU tools. I got a tape of some GNU utilities. In any case I had become familiar with GNU. I started to hear about Usenet and wanted to get on the internet. I got a prodigy account and subscribed to some Unix newsgroups. Somewhere I saw reference to Slackware. By that time I was using a local ISP that has a limit on how long you could stay connected but unlimited from midnight to 8 in the morning. I started a diskette downloading at midnight every night for a couple of weeks to download all the diskettes.

I had a 386sx system cobbled together from parts. I installed and was impressed that I had an actual running unix like system. I played around with it for a couple of years. In January 1996 I started a local ISP/Web hosting and web development company. Not sure if I trusted Linux for production I bought two servers. On one I installed the commercial BSDI Unix system and on the other I install Red Hat 1.0.1 I believe. I set them up in identical configurations (as much as possible). As we grew and added servers it was all Linux. We ended up hosting hundreds of web sites and thousands of email accounts. I started taking old PCs and installing Red Hat along with Linuxconf (not the crappy version that came with some versions of Red Hat, but downloaded and updated from the maintainer). I set these up for most of my local business customers running their own email/proxy/NAT gateway they could self manage with the Linuxconf web interface.

I was all in with Linux in every part of my job until 2001 I was offered a job by one of my customers. The hiring manager told me they were 100% Microsoft and would never use any Unix or Linux or anything else. The offer was too good financially to turn down so I took it. Since that time I have continued to use Linux almost exclusively at home and hobby projects. It has been amazing to see Linux grow in use and acceptance and a shame that I have been prevented from using it for work. I have managed to implement a couple of Linux based proxies here but in general the IT staff is anti-Linux just based on the historical culture.

Comment He became obsolete (Score 5, Insightful) 114

He is bitching because the medium he used to become popular is now obsolete for the masses. It is no different than newspapers complaining about the internet or "journalists" complaining about bloggers. Now its bloggers complaining about average Joe's. Unfortunately as the ability to publish moved down the food chain anyone with a computer is "publishing". Now we get a huge volume of useless content drowning out anything of value.

The fact is the same people publishing cat pictures and dumbed down quotes would never read a meaningful article anyway. They have just joined the internet and now outnumber the people who actually want to generate and consume meaningful content. Welcome to real life.

Comment Pluto on Pluto? (Score 2) 108

People keep referring to a heart shaped image on the surface of Pluto but is looks like a dogs head, snout to the right and ear on the left. Very similar to this image.

The character

The celestial body

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 225

I would say for popular items FB could have a hidden true/false flag set by their own researchers. They can then score the bias of the users based on who posts and who tags false. This item just gives FB more information about the users to market.

Comment Re:Posters do not case if they are false (Score 2) 225

I am sure this change helps them to understand underlying bias of individuals who post and who flag as false. I would say helps the spy algorithms or at least presents the opportunity to learn more about the product (users). It gives them easy to evaluate statistics without having to analyze the comments. You can pretty much guess the position of the person who tagged false. They could even have their own fact checkers researching popular items so from the FB perspective you could know the position of the person that posted/shared, the position of people who tag false and then the unseen true/false flag sent by Facebook to gauge the user's bias.

Comment Posters do not case if they are false (Score 1) 225

Many people that share political/religious items do not care if they are false. They agree with the premise of the item, the facts are just a nuisance. Please will always think something is false if they disagree with it and accept as fact anything they agree with. This goes across all ideologies and can be seen rampantly everywhere.

When I first got on the internet, early 90s Usenet, I thought this is great and will dispel all of the nut cases with crazy ideas and conspiracy theories. Most Usenet groups that I visited had some very smart people who were quick to point out fact when superstitious idea came up. In a very short period of time groups started to pop up that offered every crazy idea known to man and the major participants were the people with crazy ideas. Now the internet offers a support system for any crazy thing you want to believe. Even if everyone around you in real life tried to convince you it is a crazy idea, there's a support system waiting for you on the internet.

What makes it even worse is the impersonal nature of on-line communication. People will say all kinds of stuff on social sites and email they would never say in person. This is making us less civilized. When you live in a community and interface with your neighbors you learn to live with and accept the views of others. Even if you don't believe the same way or maybe think they are crazy you learn through life to live and let live. Now with the internet you have the choice to be a fanatic about anything and only interface with people with the exact same outlook as yourself.

Comment Re:Everyone who blamed Bush for everything... (Score 1) 379

Unfortunately the vast majority people do not think (or vote) rationally when it comes to politics. The same people that hated Bush and ridiculed him will continue to love Obama and rationalize a reason to support policies they previously despised. People who loved Bush will rationalize ways to hate Obama for the exact same policies that they loved under Bush. I have given in to the fact this will not change. Allegiance to political party is similar to sports teams i.e. Caroline fans hate Duke no matter what and vice versa.

We are essentially a one party system with two marketing arms targeting their assigned demographics.

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