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Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 2) 329

How come there is so much noise and heat about a small piece of software that runs maybe 2-3 times per year?

All of this is anger, just to be angry. It serves no purpose other than giving you that heady rush of Socially Justified Rage. And as the great master said, it only leads to suffering...

Comment Re:Oracle benchmarks (Score 1) 90

That one has always surprised me. You'd think a database vendor would be proud to show of the results of its flagship product. That prohibition suggests, to me, that they have something to hide.

Hey, since we're here, here is a little benchmark I ran on the Oracle systems. In the 3-4 years we ran on top of Oracle, we had a database corruption twice. We needed (and received) help from Oracle support to recover from both corruptions. In the 15 or so years we ran on top of PostgreSQL since then, we had zero database corruptions. If one were to occur we are not sure we can get help, but we believe our data recovery procedures are good enough that it won't matter anyway.

And yes, we test that on a regular basis. Thanks for asking.

Comment Re:Stop using cars at all. (Score 2) 242

You must live in a urban rabbit warren. Try saying that when you live in the largest town for 50 miles in any direction and it's 11,000 people.

Do you not care about the planet? Do you wish for everything to die?

Seriously, this is what bothers me about all those eco-fanatics: they are delighted for _others_ to make sacrifices on behalf of the planet, but even a minor change in their own lifestyle? Noooo...

As it happens you do have a choice. That choice is moving closer to work, closer to shops, and closer to other people. It might inconvenience you slightly to live like the rest of humanity, but unless you have a pressing need to be way out there, you really shouldn't be.

Comment Re:The names are...... (Score 1) 102

It would also have been nice to include information as how the new elements can actually be used. For example, would it be possible to power a new giant robot using one of those four? And would you at least have enough power to seriously mess up Tokyo before radioactive decay wiped out your power source?

Comment Re:Ever since I was a kid... (Score 1) 136

I have the same thing with time information.

"The event occurred last week (local time)"

Sure, I know about timezones. But is "last week" really so specific that we must be told that it happened at a 'local time'? Whose local time is that anyway: mine, or the time of the place where the event happened?

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