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Comment Don't be fooled (Score 1) 179

The cost of living in Delhi is, for a one bedroom apartment in the center, 16400 rupees on average which is about 250 USD. The average cost of living in New York is 3900 USD, so that's 15.6 times more expensive. Taking that into account, the converted cost of this mission was 1.15 billion USD, making this a pretty damn expensive mission, especially considering that it had a smaller and less capable spacecraft than US efforts.

And before you tell me that New York is so expensive: so is Delhi if you're an Indian.

This is why so much work has moved over to low wage countries. They're _cheaper_. And it is only a great example of how to run a project if your dream is to have the kind of living conditions that Indians enjoy.

Comment Re:Expats? (Score 1) 289

Well, fortunately that is not what integration means, and nowadays most former immigrants from Surinam, Indonesia, and China are considered to be well integrated. You see, this is where the accusation of racism and hatred falls apart: there are large groups of non-white people in the Netherlands who are simply considered to be Dutch, despite having foreign roots. I have friends who have their roots in Indonesia, Lebanon, and Surinam. They celebrate that by serving exotic food once in a while, and for the rest they are as Dutch as I am.

Integration does not mean erasing your ancestry. It does, however, mean choosing your new country over your old. It means joining into its society, rather than staying within your own clan. Making friends with the natives. Learning the language. Raising your kids in the full expectation that they will only ever be citizens of the new country, and nothing else.

It's fine to want to celebrate some festival in honor of your country of origin. It is not ok to demand that festivals celebrated by the natives in your new country are abandoned because they make you feel bad. If you feel that strongly about it, _leave_. It is also not ok to demand that everyone abides by your food rules, your religious sensibilities, or whatever else you bring with you. As the newcomer, it is up to you to adapt. If you cannot do that... Go home.

Comment Re:Expats? (Score 3, Informative) 289

He wants to forbid dual citizenship. They can stay, but they will have to choose to either be fully Dutch, or fully Turkish - no longer both. In the first case they can act as citizens of the Netherlands (with all rights and duties associated with that). In the second case they will be considered permanent foreign residents. That means they can no longer vote in the national elections, are not eligible for some functions, and if found guilty of a crime, can be deported to their country of origin.

Obviously, Turkey must agree to striking citizenship for those who choose to be Dutch (that means no more service in the Turkish army, among other things). And should Turkey choose to not cooperate - well, that really leaves only one choice then, doesn't it?

As for "reasonable integration plans", we have tried those for the last three generations. What makes you think such a thing can work _at all_? The group is large enough that it can easily form Turkish enclaves where contact with Dutch people is not necessary (so there is no pressure to integrate), and there is considerable financial and religious support from Turkey to retain their original cultural identity. That's kind of a tough fight, isn't it?

Comment Expats? (Score 3, Insightful) 289

They have been living in the Netherlands for three generations already. Some were born in the Netherlands, of one or even two parents that were also born in the Netherlands. Of course they still speak Turkish, have a Turkish passport (and a Dutch one), serve in the Turkish military (and the Dutch parliament if they want to), watch Turkish TV, eat Turkish food, and go to Turkish supermarkets and Turkish mosques, where they get indoctrinated by Diyanet - the Turkish ministery of religious affairs. And if their government wishes to speak to them, but the evil white oppressors forbid that, they go out and riot throughout the conquered province in the name of Erdogan and allah.

Yet somehow we are all supposed to pretend they are also Dutch people that are perfectly well integrated into Dutch society. Now tell me why I should NOT vote Wilders (the Dutch Trump).

Comment Is that his job? (Score 1) 203

Usually that job is to _advise_, but not to _undermine_ his bosses. Advising is something you do internally, not publicly.

Look, I get he cares about this. But if his bosses tell him to make sure application or OS get installed, it's his job to make it so - and not to bitch about it in public. If he doesn't like his job, I'm sure there are plenty of other people who will do it without complaints.

Comment Re:Focus on a few key things (Score 4, Insightful) 347

Project Euler is a test of math skills, not programming skills. The two are often conflated, but in reality overlap only rarely. In many branches of programming you can function very well while knowing nothing more than what +, -, *, and / do.

Moreover, the problems are arranged in chains that lead up from basic understanding to advanced understanding. Simply dumping one at random into the lap of an unprepared person is very likely to weed out all the excellent programmers, leaving only math students - who I'm guessing aren't responding to your ads to begin with. So that's your problem right there: you ask for one skillset, and then you are surprised that your test for another skillset isn't working out. It isn't the quality of your candidates. It's you.

If this wasn't clear enough: I've been programming since the eighties, I have my masters degree, and somehow they trust the software I write controlling (which literally means "deciding life and death of") spacecraft costing 300 million euro and up. If I ever fuck up I guarantee you _will_ read about it here on slashdot. Yet somehow I have _never_ needed to determine if a number is prime, or indeed any of the other circus tricks at Project Euler.

Comment Well, that's easy (Score 2) 97

Lost revenue from the Dutch film industry is roughly zero. As if somebody actually watches that tripe... Most of it only gets produced because of heavy subsidising by the government in the first place; maybe they should ask for that money back.

Oh, and we already pay a tax to compensate for piracy. Let's give that money back as well.

I have a nice Dutch word for them: "kansloos".

Comment Re:Edge (Score 4, Funny) 160

Haven't you heard? The desktop is dead! Everybody works on tablets and mobile phones now. There will not be a new photoshop for desktops, the next version will only be available on Android and iPhone. Because that's where the market is now. You insensitive clod, asking that companies like Apple or Microsoft keep pouring money into the dead desktop ecosystem... They have better things to do with their time.

I hear that when my company is going to change office later this year, instead of my two large monitors, I will be given an iPhone to run Visual Studio on (it will be running on an emulator, of course). Apparently once you get some experience with that tiny on-screen keyboard, you can work even faster than with a real keyboard and mouse, and compile times only suffer a little when you do it 'in the cloud'. And instead of a desk, I will get a plastic chair to sit on, since I won't need so much space for all that hardware.

You may not like it, but it's the wave of the future. Why, last night I went to the local IMAX 3D theatre, and we all sat there streaming the movie to two mobile phones (one for each eye). The experience just blew me away, it was so incredibly life like.

Really, nobody should be investing into desktops. Desktops are dead, and Apple and Microsoft should be applauded for seeing this early and not investing any shareholder value into a deadend.

BTW, can you tell us more about that grape picking position? It sound interesting.

Comment Re:/. editors: why do you maintain this shit hole? (Score 1, Insightful) 1149

I think the appropriate question is, "why is this article here". The focus of this site is tech, not crime or politics. A man was killed in what appears to be a hate crime, while apparently enjoying an evening out. He worked for a tech company. That's a pretty tenuous link, isn't it? But then, the editors clearly hope for a reaction of some kind - presumably they wish for this sorry event to reflect badly on president Trump. The logic, I guess, goes something like "Trump is against immigrants. Someone killed an immigrant. Trump is therefore killing immigrants." Of course I don't mean to imply that logic matters greatly for the foaming-at-the-mouth "we'll do anything to stop him including arson and murder" crowd.

Anyway, this is pretty much the outcome the editors wanted. Burn down your own house to spite Trump and everyone with even the slightest right-wing sympathy. The good old days had its share of trash, but you are right: the interesting reactions are long gone. As are the interesting articles. WTF are we even doing here...

Comment Re:Hyperbole stew (Score 4, Insightful) 514

Funny, I've always thought that "they hate us for our freedoms" was a joke, and understood as such by everyone. Are you telling me people seriously mean it when they say that? And that other people believe it? Because I always thought they hate you for destroying their countries and ruining their lives, and not so much about what you do when you are at home...

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