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Comment Re:Top Publishers To Post News Stories Directly To (Score 1) 50

You only think you were never on facebook. They have photos of you, they know who you know and where you've been just from the content other people post on there (facial recognition in photos etc.) Also, every time you say a "like" button on an outside website, that image is often hosted on facebooks server, so they know which websites you are visiting and what sort of articles you like to read. Unless you have a plugin like Ghostery they are already tracking you.

Comment One Media Company For All (Score 1) 50

This will give facebook alot of control over which articles people see. I hope that people don't base their opinions only what they read on facebook. I hope people continue to look outside facebook for news. If not then zuckerberg could become too powerful. What happens if a news company reports negatively about facebook? Do they get dropped?

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