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Comment Bullshit Article (Score 0) 680

I don't deny warming, I just do not give a chit. I OPPOSE reducing access to cheap abundant reliable energy, NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES. New York rebuilt 200 feet uphill is NO BIG DEAL. War, injustice, poverty - THOSE are big deals and fossil fuel powers the REDUCTION in the REAL problems.

Idiotic to think that "This is a change that could harm us, therefor we must act" makes any sense at all.

You communist ecolotarians just hate the fact that we change your world without your consent.


Comment Two Happy Win 10 Boxes (Score 0) 376

Two Happy Win 10 Boxes here.

not much in the way of issues. rarely is there a need to even reboot. all my software works.

each system has a quirk though involving windows defender. On one defender appears to be functioning, but either it does not think "privoxy" is malware, or privoxy beats it every time. a nuisance.

On the other, despite about 36 hours of support assistance, defender will not start 'real time protection'.

I can see where windows update might tend towards unifying the code base, easing support and maybe attracting more software developers.

But I do not like windows update - rebooting my machine, say what??? grrr Also it often fouls up...much easier, give me a patch or an iso to download.

Submission + - Damage report: LA methane leak is one of the worst disasters in US history (inhabitat.com)

MikeChino writes: A week after the ruptured natural gas well in Aliso Canyon was finally declared sealed, we have a full account of the damage — and it doesn’t look good. In total, 97,100 metric tons of methane were released into the atmosphere over the course of 112 days — the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of over half a million cars.

Comment Horrible idea (Score 0) 490

Citizens voting on laws routinely is horrible. Assumes citizen majority should legislate. Why? We have more than enough impractical and counter-productive klaws as it is, and the outrage of public concern leading to legislation just so the appearance of action is created...more stupid stuff like the TSA.

Democracy is a great way of passing up/down judgement on one's representatives, and fairly stable in a constitutional framework. Direct legislation works at all, only when the legislators can all know and negotiate with each other.

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