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Comment Re:Caring (Score 4, Insightful) 105

"I hack and exploit the game because I care about it and want it fixed!"

"I rob banks because I care about them and want them to have better security!"

Using an exploit to highlight the exploit and lack of support, is not exactly the same as robbing a bank.

It's more like walking into the bank vault through an unlocked backdoor and then proceeding to call the bank manager to complain about security measures.
(okay, maybe the kid jumped a tiny garden fence before walking over to the backdoor, but it's more like that).

When people demonstrate an exploit their intent matters. Same thing applies when demonstrating a broken lock.

Comment Seems reasonable, but why extradite? (Score 3, Insightful) 188

If they can prove that he defrauded people then, yeah, it's fraud to sell people products that aren't yours.
To be fair that seems a bit hard to prove, but I don't know the details of how he sold the product, which he'll presumably argue was just bandwidth.
That said, I'm confused why, if he committed fraud he isn't prosecuted in New Zealand?
So if someone gets caught running a randsom-ware scam do all countries then take turn having the person extradited, prosecuted and jailed...
Don't get me wrong, I hate randsom-ware scam authors as much as the next guy, but giving someone just 6 months prison in every country where a crime was committed easily turns into a life sentence. Honestly, that seems a little harsh.

Comment Re:No Different From Laptops (Score 1) 514

Good thing terrorists will never think to do that.

Yes, and it's great that all law abiding citizens do follow the lengthy procedures outlined by GP.

IMO, if you don't uphold civil rights where every you go, whether it's the border to Canada or a cave in Afghanistan then you probably don't care about civil rights to being this. The US has consistently proven that civil rights aren't important.

Comment Re:Not insignificant (Score 1) 271

Yes, leave out the important parts:

our model suggest that immigration increased the overall welfare of US natives

Also this isn't peer reviewed.

But yes, ofcourse immigration has negative effects in the short term for the people affected. Honestly, I don't feel bad for software engineers in the dot-com era making a few percent less. Back then, and indeed today, there is some pretty outrageous salaries in the bay area.

On topic: the easy fix is setting minimum H1B salary, it's stupid simplistic, it'll satisfy the stupid people (Trump). But it won't affect most H1Bs like me, except maybe my company would fill out an LCA that states the salary I'm making and not some arbitrary number significantly below my salary, hence, fixing the statistics.

For the record, I'm an H1B and I don't feel particularly hostage... I could move to Europe tomorrow and get a decent job if I wanted - but I wouldn't live in the tech center of the world.

Comment Re:uhh... (Score 1) 271

This seems to back up the idea that there's a shortage of qualified domestic labor. The unemployment rate among CS grads is like 3.5%. If all those folks replaced H1B workers they would only make up 1/3 of the total jobs filled by H1Bs.

Not sure where you get those number, or if you're adding up percentages :)

Regardless, an unemployment rate a 3.5% is not necessarily good for growth... This the problem with unemployment, if you have no companies can't grow, if you have too much -- well, yeah nobody wants to be unemployed. Particularly, not in a country like the US without any safety net.

Comment I would say 25.4% is greater than 2% (Score 4, Informative) 194

I have no idea what the actual number is

Then by all means make up statistics rather than googling it, why don't change your username to Trump? :)

In 2014 renewable energy made up 25.4% of all energy production in the EU.

Now don't be fooled there is lots of similar stats here, like:

Renewable energy sources accounted for a 12.5 % share of the EU-28’s gross inland energy consumption in 2014.

(Presumably because not all energy is consumed, read the details if you care, but read before you bash).

The goal remains:

The EU seeks to have a 20 % share of its gross final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020

Similarly, in 2014, the US was a 11%, source:
(note. don't confuse electricity production for total energy production).

All these stats are from 2014, clearly things a better now, given most new energy production facilities are renewable.

Comment Re:Is this for bloated projects like Windows? (Score 0) 213

Large repos on windows is slow, because windows filesystems are super crappy...
I guess they figured that rather than making the file system fast and fixing case-sensitivity it was easier to write a virtual file system and forget what distributed version control really is about in the process.

It's probably not really git, anymore, but to be fair it might be nice for big projects. Once repos hits 1GB things start to takes seconds instead of milliseconds, it's less fun.

Comment Re:Gulty until proven Innocent Evidence (Score 2) 216

It's the prosecution's job to assert guilt. I'm not sure why you think it's odd that they'd do so.

In most countries the prosecution has a duty to the truth that far outweighs all other concerns.

On topic, this is no different than using data from a step counter, fitbit, or an exercise measuring phone app...
It's an indicator of activity, it can't really be used for much in terms of proving guilt...

Even if they guy made a statement saying it was sleeping before the fire broke out, then perhaps he just made a false statement because he was doing something else...

Hopefully, this is all click bait, probably there is other evidence...

Comment Re:No Limits Roaming = Lowest Common Denominator (Score 1) 113

it's easy enough to just get a local SIM card if you are travelling alot or for extended time

That means new phone number... which is problematic because phone numbers are often used to verify things using one-time-tokens by sms... Or you know receiving calls from people who have your number...

Most people won't change sim, instead they'll just pay higher prices and not use data when abroad which is sad.

Comment Re:all this proves (Score 3, Insightful) 364

Not the point, it does however also point out that when Trump says he'll fight for coal jobs, that'll likely leave more Americans unemployed.

To be fair, the employment in renewables is higher because they under construction, where as employment in oil/coal/gas is lower because it's largely just maintenance. I won't argue that coal/gas/oil isn't efficient in terms of manpower (it probably is), but that's not the point here.

The point is that a policy of pushing renewables is likely to create jobs. Sure, most of them will only exist during the construction phase.
As for efficiency, cost, etc. you can debate them however you wish, but these numbers are largely irrelevant in that matter.

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