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Comment Re:Nah... (Score 0, Troll) 659

It's much simpler than that.

They are lying cause their boss, who has handpicked them, is a liar and a sociopath. A liar and a sociopath who has handpicked people who don't mind being told lies nor do they mind telling lies to reach their goal. Also... idiots who don't mind being lied to.

They are the best at this than anyone ever, I believe. Wait, you ARE talking about the Utterly Corrupt Clinton Political Machine, right?

Compared to those guys, Trump is a boy scout. And he will be dogged by a rabid press that won't let anything slide. Indeed, they'll make stuff up if it helps their cause.

That's why I'm not the least concerned with his business interests. For once, we'll have a press that will constantly examine every aspect of his life looking for dirt. As a free press should.

Comment Re:Organized crime is bad for you (Score 1) 456

Legalizing drugs takes organized crime out of the equation...

Bullshit. I'm from North Carolina. No intoxicants are as cheap and ubiquitous as alcohol and tobacco. The Federal government still spends a lot of money and time prosecuting moonshiners and controlling tobacco production. Why? because of the taxes.

Something doesn't have to be illegal to involve crime. The added layer of taxes will encourage people to work outside the system. You might thing the DEA are badasses but don't forget that 80 some men, women and children died at Waco, an ATF operation.

Comment Re:Am I in a goddamn cyberpunk novel? (Score 4, Insightful) 551

It is abundantly clear that you don't know what fascism is. Maybe this will help.

Fascism is perhaps too strong a word to describe Trump's ideology. But authoritarianism sure does seem to fit.

Perhaps it's you that doesn't understand Fascisim. I suggest a well written and researched book instead of Wikipedia.

"Stronger together!" is classic Fascism. "I'm with her!" is classic cult of personality associated with Fascism.

Comment Re:Don't think so. (Score 1) 279

Also we only need our penis once in a while. Having a lightweight retractable one is generally quite practical from an evolutionary perspective. Also I suspect the squishiness prevents injuries and infections better than a true boner would. Wales float. They don't have to worry about their boner bumping and scraping on the ground or on rocks.

I agree. We fight as a species and it's simply easier to fight without an erection that can risk harm to the "pass along my genes" organ.

You want one when you want one and any other time an erection is a liability.

The phrase "gird your loins" came about for a reason.

Comment Re:Price Difference (Score 1) 341

If it cost up to $8 to rent, then yes. Otherwise, hell no. There is no movie in existence that is worth renting for the prices in the story. $25 to rent a movie is insane. $50 to rent a movie is insanely stupid.

My home theater seats 14 fairly comfortably. $25 for a large group of friends is trivial.

Comment Re:Now how it actually works (Score 1) 178

" A few kids out of 350 million people get shot by some crazy idiot who should never have been on the streets, "we need new gun laws""

What new gun laws were passed because of the Sandy Hook slaughter?

Try reading the post. He didn't say laws got passed, he said that lot of people, including the POTUS, wept and begged for massive new "gun control" laws.

Because something bad but really rare happened, we have to screw everyone else over. The parent made a crystal clear analysis of the hysteria that seems to always follow very rare events.

Comment Re:What's the objection to a recount? (Score 1) 524

If you're confident of that (as I am, actually), then you have nothing to fear from a recount, right? There's nothing wrong with double-checking tight races.

Unless you live in MN. We had both a Senator (Al Franken) and a Governor (Mark Dayton) lose and the Democrat controlled machine simply recounted over and over and "interpreted" the intent of votes until they won by a few hundred votes each.

Comment Re:I actually think Hilary does care (Score 1) 524

she's a progressive. Not necessarily a great one, but she is at least trying. .

Trying what exactly? How fucking stupid that sounds.

"Progressive!" Someone with an IQ in the upper 2 digits or higher would take a moment and wonder towards what end is someone "progressing".

God, I get tired of hearing that phrase used to excuse the imposition of totalitarian stateism.

Comment Re:oh boy (Score 3, Insightful) 524

And the Orange Daddy earned every bit of it.

Why? Seriously, how is he even a patch on life long politicians who have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people around the world like Bush and Hillary?

People that have added massive debt to the U.S. that has our kids names on the bills and forced crap like ObamaCare on us. Oh, he MIGHT be as bad at some point? Perhaps, but he hasn't done anything yet.

The hatred is astounding.

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