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Comment Was he getting jealous of Zuckerburg's attention? (Score 1) 527

But seriously, legalizing pot might actually have a better effect on the country than implementing teacher pay based on student test scores like Zuckerburg's trying to do with his Newark donation. Test scores have much, much more to do with with the quality of home life than the quality of teaching.

Comment As someone who was a victim of a frivilous lawsuit (Score 5, Insightful) 280

Goliaths know that whoever has deeper pockets to pay legal expenses for a longer period of time, generally wins lawsuits. Frivolous lawsuits filed by large companies on individuals and small entities are more often than not seen as a war of attrition that they have no way of losing. As someone was once the victim of this, it makes me incredibly angry. I was frivolously sued by a large company. Even though I won the case (basically by showing up and showing the contract vis a vis their allegations), I had to spend a few thousand dollars defending myself (I'm lucky it wasn't tens or hundreds of thousands). They're trying to ruin this individual, and make an example out of him. It's one of the most evil aspects of corporations and is what's most wrong IMO about our legal system.

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