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Comment There should be a law against this (Score 1) 435

A company should pay you based on your education, experience , personality and work history. Not how much you made, it's their attempt to low ball offers and it creates wage stagnation. There should be a law against this practice and a law supporting employees rights to discuss openly salary and benefits.

Comment Re:AKA SPOF (Score 1) 29

You mean like every corporation in the world that follows standard practices (IT/IS is too lazy).

PS On the Apple TV it's no different then it was, using a single sign-on to validate other service, now you need only enter it once as compared to previously entering the same login for every channel app.

Comment Re:Blame the news websites. (Score -1) 624

Notice how Fox pretty much is fake news, it entertainment , which has driven every other news outlet to follow to ensure ratings and money.
There should be huge penalties for news blogs, papers, stations stating something false misleading or that is fake or a lie. (And the fines should grow exponential with each new error/lie)
If they don't want to risk being fined everything must carry a banner that it is entertainment only and not factually correct.

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