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Comment One word: competition (Score 3, Insightful) 909

One word: competition. Only if they have a legal monopoly (e.g. patent) can someone charge what the market will bear. Once that expires, the market will be open and competitors will appear based on how excessive the first company's mark-up is. Once the mark-up drops to a reasonable profit level, no new competitors will come in. Then you have stable pricing. Like in laptops and desktops today, for example.

As to your beverage example, I'm pretty sure soda companies advertise. Yet a recent article said that 70% of marketing costs are spent to ensure shelf space. So there are plenty of other costs besides the bottle, flavors, sugar and things like RO filtering etc.

Comment Re:Stand-up is a special case (Score 1) 552

As a lover of stand-up, I can understand why they're strict about this: the tickets to the show cost nearly 60 euros and essentially people are paying that to hear new material. It's different from music and other performing arts where most often people know what they're going to see. AC/DC won't lose any ticket sales if a few dozen guys upload a shitty quality video of Thunderstruck from midfield. But a recording - even audio only - of the new material by a stand up performer will probably hurt ticket sales.

This is it in a nutshell. Our family went to see Brian Regan and it was great to hear new material live. Conversely, if we knew every joke, why would we go? With comedy, laughter is the end goal -- it either comes out naturally or lube is required. Since I stopped drinking 35 years ago, I'm fine with Yondr. Besides, the quality of live performance is so far below that of a CD or DVD, why would anyone want to rewatch/relisten to it?

We support Brian Regan, have bought all the DVDs and CDs, and have one memorable live experience. All except our youngest who slept through most of it.

Comment Re:Zero content article and summary? (Score 1) 74

The article had a lot of content, and detail. Just not the kind of detail I was looking for -- it sounds like part of itself might be reducing memory usage by 0.25MB on a page, for example. That is obviously nothing, but maybe there are other more substantial gains. Who knows.

Also, I submitted this story to find out if this is a hot concern in general, or particular. Someone above this comment posted that they had 32GB of RAM and who cares. Fair enough. But how many admin systems that are memory starved? And how starved are they? I've seen 4GB laptops slowed to a non-responding crawl by Chrome, so to me this new version is potentially a big deal.

Submission + - Google Chrome memory tweaks in next version

justthinkit writes: Google Chrome is arguably the best browser and the biggest memory hog. Presently. But the Google engineers are hard at work, optimizing the next version of Chrome. Will this be an important, or just another incremental, upgrade?

Comment Re:That's no more than 10... (Score 1) 243

Name a single movie that simply must be in 4K to be worth watching.

99+% of movies are not worth watching at any quality.

Good, or great, movies are worth re-watching but after you have watched it once, you don't need to glue your eyeballs to the screen to re-watch it. What you end up doing, more and more with each re-watch, is listen to it.

How high a quality do you need for re-listening? Personally, DVD is more than good enough for anything I like to re-watch, including masterpieces like Lawrence of Arabia, Gandhi...or Elf.

Comment Re:Honest serious question here... (Score 1) 124

It is a matter of convenience. For example, on my main system I use BiggerCalc [Size comparison]. I don't want to type "biggercalc" or "calc2", so I renamed the default one and renamed BiggerCalc as calc. But I imagine I couldn't do that on Windows 10 Alpha, until today, whoopdedoo!

Submission + - 3 Guys Win Nobel in Physics for Bagel humor

justthinkit writes: Member of the Nobel committee for physics explains topology using a cinnamon bun. And a mere sixty seconds of riveting video. Are we living in the greatest physics times ever, or are even greater metaphors just around the corner?

Comment Re:Yelp 2.0? (Score 1) 77

Speaking of Amazon and Yelp in the same post -- both have removed the unhelpful mod (Amazon doing this only a few months ago). So now one can't down-mod a comment. Some end up with a suspicious lack of up-mods, but that is all the information we get.

This all sounds a lot like FaceBooge. Down-mods hurt sales, apparently.

Oh, look, rose-colored glasses are on sale!

Comment Re:Funny thing is (Score 1) 120

Case #1 - send "rate us" email a day or two after the product should have arrived. The product arrives a day late, and the email comes an hour later -- customer fires off a nasty review.

Case #2 - send "rate us" email a day or two early. Product arrives early to some percentage of people, the email comes an hour later -- customer can't believe how awesome service from this company was, and fires off a "fabulous!" review.

Comment Re: Every minute is too much (Score 1) 87

What are you talking about? That is just a single story every 267,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Planck seconds. Clearly we could be publishing a quarter million, million, million, million, million, million, million, million times more often. Some people have no sense of perspective. Frustrating!

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