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Submission + - Best credit card practices? (

justthinkit writes: It seems to be almost impossible for people to use Uber or Lyft without having their credit card credentials stolen, then sold online for as little as $4 a card. With no way to reach a person at the ride-providing services, consumers appear to be left with no choice but to cancel yet another card and request a new one. Are there better ways of providing payment online, or easy ways of obtaining "burner" charge cards? Is this the fault of smartphone applications, or are these insider hacks?

Comment Re:vote with your wallet (Score 1) 161

A few months back I felt that I needed to try to tame at least one Windows 10 machine. Forked out $800 for machine and big monitor.

Hacked it for a while. Had no reason to trust it. Got depressed and turned it off. Time went by. Then decided to go the XP/7 route. Found a guy refurbing old computers.

Ended up taking back the $800 boat anchor, which completely paid for FOUR refurbed-to-my-spec systems, and one new LCD. Could not be happier.

By the way, tried to downgrade the Windows 10 machine and ran into a little snag...while installing an older version of Windows, (after the necessary BIOS changes) it decided to disable the USB mid-install. Not sure if this is a feature, or a benefit.

Comment Re:Productivity! (Score 1) 158

I know first hand someone who just got performance-review pressured to leave their job because they weren't playing ping pong enough. This marketing/web company has a ping pong table in the middle of the office and apparently only non-team players avoid using it during working hours.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to begin picking up the pieces of my exploded cranium.

Comment Re:Corrected Title (Score 1) 168

It _is_ possible to down-vote a review.
It is _not_ possible to show how net negative a review was rated.

Example 1: it used to show "10 out of 197 people liked this review". Now it shows "10 liked it"

Example 2: it used to show "0 out of 197 people liked this review". Now it shows "...crickets..."

Both are now misleading but weren't before.

Comment Re:Corrected Title (Score 1) 168

Short of a mod/meta-mod system, there is no way to stop people from posting and voting the way they want, and often in groups.

When you switch it to no down votes, all you do is lose comment value. Whereas if you left the bias in there, the pattern could at least be seen and avoided by many.

For example, I've seen (on IMDb) where someone clearly when down the page of reviews and -1'd all the 9 or 10 star reviews. So you can factor that in and not get fooled by it. Also, software can limit how many votes you have, or how many votes are allowed per hour, etc.

By the way, alt-left communities do the same thing. The notion that we only want to block one side of things is fascism at its finest.

Comment Re:Voice assistants are another fad (Score 2) 155

There are use cases.

One client I have is a quadraplegic. Voice recognition on his laptop, and Alexa available to him when he is away from the laptop or merely wants a daily news snapshot, etc.

Alexa is not perfect, of course. Last week I asked "her" how tall Jeremy Clarkson is and it came back with 6 feet, when he is in fact 6 feet 5 inches (on wiki anyway).

Still, it is invaluable for a person in this situation.

Privacy stuff? The average /. techie knows about it _and_ cares about. The rest of the computer using population? Awareness but no care, or no care.

So the comparison with worse-than-useless 3D TV is not valid.

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