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Comment Re:Its a very diverse place (Score 0) 54

This article doesn't surprise me. I know at least a dozen people in SL who have disabilities in RL. I I even know one couple, he is bound to a bed paralyzed from the neck down. They spend a great deal of their time together in SL to escape the limitations he has.

It was a very touching story when I met them.

Comment Re:second life? (Score 0) 54

A free month in a free game? That sounds like a bargain

There are two members of membership in SL. The basic free account, which is plenty for most people. Most of the people I know have this account.

There is a paid membership that gets you some bonuses like free land, extra group slots, and better customer support. Most creators and builders have this membership.

The funny thing about the premium membership is it costs you about $10 a month. You get a stiyphen of about L$300 a week for your membership, more if your account is older. L$300 comes out to be about a $1.25 so out of a $10 membership you wind up paying a little over $5 once your stiyphen gets added up.

Comment Re:In game purchases are gross (Score 0) 85

I hate in game purchases with the heat of a thousand suns

This makes little to no sense what so ever. You walk up a vendor, right click on it, and select pay. A box pops up asking if you're sure you want to do this. You say yes, and it takes you're money and gives you a box.

Not exactly a difficult or stressful operation.

Comment Re:Solve problems like... (Score 1) 85

I don't know what sims you are hanging out in but SL is more than alive for me. I take in live music at the End of Time sims, go listen to blues at Fogbounds, and to take mesh and scripting classes at the Builders Brewery.

SL is just like any other interactive medium, you get out of it what you put in to it. If all you are doing is hanging out with a couple of fiends in one sim then maybe you might want to get out and check out some other sims. There is plenty of things to do. You just have to go find them.

Comment Re:It was a dev kit. (Score 0) 69

Granted it will be difficult to do well. But in the end VR will be for entertainment, AR will eventually integrate with every facet of your life.

Exactly. VR will have its uses but AR will be a complete game changer. Everything from the battle field to advertising will be changed. You currently have a world of information that you can access from almost anywhere. Now you have that information right in front of you.

Now can anyone think of the down sides to this? Discuss.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 0) 745

Obama had a terrible relationship with Russia and Hillary was practically calling for air strikes on Moscow. I think we'll be ok with Trump.

I'm not worried about Trump starting a nuclear war with Russia ether. Trump is at first a businessman and contrary to what the rules of acquisition say war is not good for business. I also believe in the system in place. If Trump does go "off the rails" congress will step in and remove him.

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