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Comment Re:Some truth... (Score 2) 264

We definitely don't have the data Teslas is claiming that we have.

Not from Tesla, we don't. You're right about that.

However Google has been much more open with their data. Google's automated car was just past 1.3million miles before its first automated accident: a minor fender bender.

I say "automated accident" because it's actually been in a over dozen other crashes, all minor. Most of them involved getting rear-ended at a red light. That statistic alone should be enough to reinforce Elon's point, but we'll need several million more miles before any definitive conclusions can be drawn.

Comment Re:Dammit Nintendo (Score 3, Insightful) 259

No. Just, please, no.

There is one thing and one thing alone that this console needs: Good games (from both Nintendo and 3rd party devs)

I'd much rather play an amazing game in pixel art than a boring game in stunning 4k. Focus on games.
Half of the stuff you listed can be accomplished with a $50 Roku. Or for a few dollars more, get a blueray player with streaming functionality. Why add all that extra overhead to a gaming console? Focus on games.
DVR Functionality? Seriously? Anyone still on cable can get their DVR through the cable company. If you're streaming Netflix, HBOGo, etc. (per your own demands) it's already DVR'ed. Do we really need Nintendo to bend over backwards to save you $5 a month on your cable bill. Focus on games.

Any extra bells and whistles you add will take away from the core functionality: games (and the requisite cooperation with outside developers to make games)

Comment Third Party Support (Score 1) 259

I contend that the success or failure of the Switch has already been decided, and it all comes down to 3rd party support.

Nintendo makes some amazing games that utilize the tech extremely well, or are just very good games (or both). Splatoon, ZombiU, Hyrule Warriors (esepcially the DS version), Bravely Default, Fire Emblem: Awakening, hell even the WiiU Tech Demo (Nintendoland) has some damn fine stuff in there. The games that leverage the WiiU's tablet to provide asymmetric multiplayer are brilliant. Luigi's Ghost Mansion in Nintendoland requires 2 seperate screens (Tablet screen for the ghost who can see everything, and the TV screen for everyone else who can't see the ghost), plus the game uses the rumble controllers so players can "feel" when the invisible ghost is near. And it is awesome.

But that game was made by Nintendo, for Nintendo, so it's well integrated. Any 3rd party company was left making a game that couldn't get much more integrated than "waggle the controller to win," or "the pause menu is on the other screen."

If Nintendo wants the new console to succeed, they need to make good friends with every outside developer they can: Capcom, Ubisoft, Activision, Naughty Dog, Bethesda, Obsidian, Rockstar, etc, etc, etc ... if all of these companies and more don't already have full access to the Switch hardware and software, it will fail. Personally, I'm hoping for a huge success. I was gushing over a game that was really just a tech demo. I can only imagine how amazing games could get if devs are granted proper access.

Comment Re:Why does being rich and famous... (Score 1) 205

You are correct: I have not read everything you wrote, but I've read enough here to know that you're full of shit.

I don't need to provide citations for anything. You have made the claim that "having too much money affects people's thinking and behavior in negative ways," so the burden of proof is on you. When you make the claim, you need to support that claim.

You need to prove that Tom DeLong being a nutter is related to his wealth, and not simply just a random nutter who also happens to have money. Or at least prove that among the wealthy, there is a higher incidence of mental issues (while correcting for wealth's ability to buy a proper diagnosis)

Side note: I went to High School with Tom, at least until he got expelled, and he was a basket case from day 1. I have no reason to believe that his wealth caused this insanity. It only gave him a taller platform from which to be heard.


Comment Mobile VR is best VR (Score 1) 51

Mobile games fit the VR model much better than traditional PC or Console based games.

Mobile games are short, gimmicky and disposable. The UI is already stripped down to a minimum, they're meant to be played for short periods, good for a giggle, and then you move on.

Meanwhile, PC and console games have significantly better input devices with controllers, keyboards, mice, etc. As much fun as it is to physically stand up and crouch down in a VR cover-based-shooter, it's significantly less responsive than just pressing a button. Did I stand up high enough? Too high? I'm tall, and now it won't register me crouching. Same with reloading, walking, talking, or anything else you might do in a game. Pressing a button is much easier and more reliable than trying to hump my PS/Vive/Wii-motes on something to simulate an action.

"Traditional" games are also meant to be played for longer periods, which can be anything from nausea inducing to downright painful in VR, as you must strap 2+ pounds of plastic, glass, and wires to your face.

Plus, it's easier and more convenient to get VR porn on your phone ... just sayin.

Comment Re:This is no roadway (Score 1) 163

Publicity stunt? Or smart roll-out strategy?

Sure, putting them up against the worst-case scenario right out the gate would certainly help all the fart-sniffers who won't shut up about how much they think this project is DOA. But it wouldn't help anyone else.

Start with the panels on a moderate-use road, see how they fare. If they fail in this use-case, we can pretty much write them off entirely. If they are marginally successful, we can step up to a tougher challenege.

Or are you of the mindset that NASA is a failure for starting with the moon instead of just skipping straight to Pluto?

Comment Could be worse... (Score 2) 120

Overstock is so much worse. It's insane

I bought one or two things over there a couple months ago, and received a barrage of emails daily. An absolute unmitigated shitstorm of spam. And they came from several different addresses (domains?), and were assigned to several different mailing lists, so marking one as spam and/or unsubscribing wouldn't stop the deluge.

I think it's mostly under control now, but what a mess that was...

Comment Re:No return trips? (Score 2) 497

NASA will never sign on to suicide missions

Ever heard of Apollo 11? Yeah, that was pretty much a suicide mission. Nixon had several speeches prepared to deliver to the nation covering the myriad of possibilities for failure. Everything from a crash, to failed lunar rendezvous, to simple lost comms.

Our first lunar mission had a very real chance of being a suicide mission. The first martian mission will not be any different.

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