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Comment Calling this technique (Score 0) 20

Calling this technique "culturomics" makes it sound like it is some new field, and that analysis of this type has never been undertaken before. It is actually called bibliometrics, and it has been around for decades. Digital resources such as Google books allow now much larger amounts of data to be analyzed than was possible in the past, but this isn't some new field just invented by these researchers.

Comment don't you really just mean the iPhone? (Score 0) 138

By "smartphone," don't you really just mean the iPhone? Game devs certainly aren't making a run for the booming Android goldmine. Also, the only genre that touchscreen controls aren't so hot in is traditional action games (platformers, shooters, fighters) where you have to move your character around with fast reaction times. Everything else works pretty damn well, I've found.

Comment Re:This guy is just blowing smoke. (Score 0) 662

The headline is a bit misleading... "Police Sgt. John M. Delaney, aide to Commissioner William J. Fitchet, said Sedergren filed the complaint personally, not on behalf of the Police Department. “If officer Sedergren feels his rights were violated under the law then he has the opportunity to make his case in court, just like everyone else,” Delaney said." The Police did not file, a police officer filed.

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