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Comment Re:criminal trade show union employees (Score 1) 165

regardless of how you feel about Unions, if you've ever worked at a trade show, you'd agree that trade show unions are the epitome of lazy idiots living off doing nothing.
"um, you can't move that rolled up carpet yourself, you'll need one of us to come over with a forklift, that will be 2 hours from now, oh, and you have to rent the carpet from us too".

Comment Re:NYT is Fake News (Score 1) 333

One thing I generally see about Fox news is that the people who don't like it generally hate it WITHOUT ACTUALLY WATCHING IT.
It's on in my gym, and before the election they had a whole range of people debating immigration. Right, left, center, whatever. And the host was popping everyone.
Since I don't normally watch Fox, I kept thinking "Where's the slobbering rants I'm supposed to see? This looks reasonably fair."
Because I relied on secondhand information to judge the channel.

Oh yes, I'm sure there are rabid hosts. And the equivalent counterpart over at MSNBC as well-- I've seen Rachel Maddow actually tongue tie herself trying to manipulate facts. But that exists everywhere.
Personally, I like to take in all the nonsense and figure it out myself.

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