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Comment So where will existing content come from? (Score 4, Insightful) 187

From where will we obtain any given movie or TV show we want to watch that is not Netflix/Amazon/etc. original content? Right now the Netflix DVD service still has by far the widest selection - things like all the old British shows, old movies, all the stuff that is really desirable to watch but no longer is worth the cost to license it. I tried to find a copy of the 1960 version of the movie The Time Machine - only available via DVD from Netflix. Are we going to see a resurgence in the DVD service?

Comment Re:Numbers Are Easy (Score 3, Interesting) 224

And the numbers actually meant something back in the day at least for Mercedes and BMW. A 280SE was the 2.8 liter Super body with fuel injection (Einspritz), so the midsize sedan, unless qualified with an option like the 280SE 4.5 or the 450SEL 6.9, which happened to be a totally different production line than a standard 450SEL. A 300D was the 3.0L diesel, not super or long, so the small sedan, and a 450SL was the 4.5 liter Super Light (sports car). my favorite was a 500SEL (5.0L Super Einspritz Lange). It all made perfect sense.

Comment I still have their DVD service (Score 1) 193

Between the Netflix DVD service and the local library, it's the only way to get the non-mainstream shows I like to watch - old old BBC shows, all sorts of kids' movies, old series out of print, etc. The streaming is nice sometimes too (and the original content so far has been great), but the real meat of Netflix for me hasn't changed since I started - it's the availability of just about everything on DVD.

Submission + - Security Firm Norse Corp. Imploding (

kalpol writes: Norse Corp. fired its chief executive officer this week amid a major shakeup that could spell the end of the company. The move comes just weeks after the company laid off almost 30 percent of its staff. Sources say the company’s investors have told remaining employees that they can show up for work on Monday but that there is no guarantee they will get paid if they do.

Comment Calling to renew a library book (Score 1) 320

I was on hold with the local library to renew a book, and someone turned on the TV nearby and I saw the news. When the librarian came back online I asked her if they had a TV there, and she replied,"No, why?" I told her the Challenger appeared to have exploded during launch, and she said,"That's terrible, and that teacher was on it too wasn't she." I said yeah she was, and there was a pause, and then we went back to renewing my book. All day it was the news, Dan Rather trotting out shuttle models and pointing to them, and the same clip of the explosion right after they switched cameras, played endlessly. I had grown up with the shuttle program and it was pretty traumatic.

Comment Re:the ultimate mesh network (Score 1) 474

I have relatives in the Netherlands and the houses over there are built much more sturdily than the usual stick-built home in the US which doesn't have much structure to block wi-fi signals. However even in my thin-walled house the signal from my router barely reaches to the end of my back garden, so I expect anyone who would want to use it would have to stand on the street directly in front of my house.

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