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Comment Re:My DZ09 (Score 1) 406

Googled that. They're DOA half the time, constant connection issues, and "Battery life when connected to Bluetooth is approximately Four Hours."

Yeah, thanks but no thanks. That's like saying the iphone is too expensive because you can get a shitty $35 android phone made in Brazil.

Comment Re:Can someone explain in laymans terms how.... (Score -1, Troll) 334

It's been theorized the metallic Hydrogen would be a superconductor.

Superconductors allows perfect compression of electric forces with no loss. So, we could pump 3.8 billion mega-watts through a wire no thicker than a human hair. Eliminating the loss from electric transmission would give a savings of about 80% of our electricity output. We could effectively close all coal power plants the next day. It would also allow power plants to be built in places where industry is under-developed and land prices low, like Texas, and from there power all the United States.

It's a little far out there, but the way superconductors work is by essentially pushing the electron next to them to the side. If you have a long enough array of them, all pushing electrons to the side of them, you could effectively have faster-than-light communication, even without violating the laws of physics. This would allow for enormous efficiency increases amongst the stock trading algorithms that drive the modern economy.

And who knows. Basic research often leads in places people don't expect. Lasers were once thought to be a useless, pure-science-wonky invention, but they're now used to power satellites into orbit.

Comment Re:As a tech worker with kids... (Score 1) 386

Actually, SF has some pretty awesome schools. There's a great number of 9/10 and 10/10 schools from elementary to High School. Unlike, say, Oakland or Berkeley, where there's some good elementary schools, but middle schools are so-so at best, and you basically have to go to private school for High School.

And of course there are a great number of jobs based in SF. Many tech companies have offices there, even if it's not quite Palo Alto. Square and Uber come to mind, just because they're big companies and I have friends working there, but there's also banks and lawyers and a great many other well-paying jobs.

Comment Re:Dude plays race case, threatens upper managemen (Score 5, Interesting) 277

Maybe it was a legitimate complaint?

Holding passwords hostage isn't the answer, but nothing inherently wrong with bringing attorneys into it. No company wants to hire or even interview tech workers over 45, and Slashdot is happy to talk about lawsuits with regards to that issue.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 300

Not surprised to see you have a UID of less than six digits, as your understanding of technology is a decade outdated. might be illuminating. Basically, it shows that P&S cameras aren't popular anymore.

But to respond:
1) How often you do you see people using digital cameras instead of phone cameras? Enough that every computer needs to accommodate them?
2) Every camera over $200 will have Wi-Fi, and it's been that way for years now. It's very easy/automatic to use. Every DSLR has WiFi, even the cheap ones.
3) Low end p&s cameras have sensors barely any larger than a smartphone. Regardless of their merits, though, empirically people have transitioned away.
4) By that reasoning, why did they get rid of the VGA port, or the DVD drive? Having little-used ports be available as a cheap dongle seems like an intelligent compromise.
5) Micro-SD cards are sometimes used for phones, and this makes them more popular than SD cards.

My wife has the pro and it's awesome. I agree that they should have had a USB 3.0, but really it doesn't get in the way of her work

Comment Re:When did the title use the word desktop? (Score 1) 300

Very insightful question. I can tell you are really interested in the answer and not just asking questions to hear your own voice, so I did a little research on the subject. Hope it helps!

"Though Intel does make processors capable of addressing more than 16GB of memory, those particular chipsets rely on less efficient DDR4 RAM and are usually deployed in desktops with access to dedicated mains power. In order to achieve high memory allotments and keep unplugged battery life performance on par with existing MacBook Pro models, Apple will need to move to an emerging memory technology like LPDDR4 or DDR4L. "

Comment Re:Edge to edge screen hard for me to use (Score 1) 77

There's two possible solutions to the problem: thicker bezels, or software that's better at identifying accidental brushes of the side of your hand.

Seems to be the second option is the better one. And if that happens- why not have a bigger screen on a smaller phone?

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