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Comment Re:Flock (Score 1) 185

Prepare to be left in the dust by the mass's desire to use our precious internet for what we perceive to be inane and pointless.

Ha! I've already been left in the dust once. This whole "web" thing is 99.9% protocol overhead, and 99% of the content is junk. I want my nn back, it had at least smaller overhead.

Comment Re:Why the hate.... (Score 1) 186

Ah, but take a look at RFC 2543. As long as the net-heads had the reins, SIP was still sane. Once the telco actors got in the game, SIP went to hell faster than you could compress the word "idiocy" in your SIGCOMP VM with the counterpart-provided bytecode decomp implementation.

Comment Re:Mods, +1 parent (Score 2, Interesting) 319

This is also how Rome became the superpower of its time. They absorbed popular religions and trends from their newly-attached regions -- the Greek pantheon was adopted with suitable localization in Rome, for example. And later Christianity, with the Pope twist added for control.

The Chinese have done their homework...

Comment Re:Anyone else noticing the CPU situation? (Score 1) 827

No, they will drop the SSDs from the rest of the MacBook line in the next refreshes.

That was the trick with the new Air's improved battery life: drop the casing from around the Flash chips and have them directly on the logic board. Saves space which you can use for e.g. more battery. I suspect they will use the same tactic for the rest of the line-up eventually.

Comment Re:That makes sense... (Score 1) 224

Sharepoint is still a fancy, runs-over-http version of a shared drive, whose main benefits are 1) for users it's like a shared drive, and 2) you get to manage users centrally in AD. Plus 3) you get script hooks for directory operations.

And it's complicated enough to earn many an IT consultant their daily bread for years to come :D

Comment Re:Cisco Planning to Squash Another Competitor (Score 2, Interesting) 148

The same applies also in Europe, even if for slightly different reasons (labor costs and liabilities). R&D is expensive for big corps, and growth is expensive for small corps.

This leads to most start-ups having a business strategy of doing R&D with a skeleton crew, then getting bought by big corp X. Where X is often known from the moment the start-up is launched. Any business done before the exit stage is purely to prove the validity of the developed solution. A tech start-up without an exit strategy in the 21st century = doomed to fail.

This of course will lead to the MegaCorp world the GP envisioned. It's unavoidable.


9 Ideas For Coping With Space Junk 149

An anonymous reader writes "The space age has filled Earth's orbit with all manner of space junk, from spent rocket stages to frozen bags of astronaut urine, and the problem keeps getting worse. NASA's orbital debris experts estimate that there are currently about 19,000 pieces of space junk that are larger than 10 centimeters, and about 500,000 slightly smaller objects. Researchers and space companies are plotting ways to clean up the mess, and a new photo gallery from Discover Magazine highlights some of the proposals. They range from the cool & doable, like equipping every satellite with a high-tech kite tail for deployment once the satellite is defunct, to the cool & unlikely, like lasers in space."

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