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Comment Terrorism? (Score 1) 907

I didn't read the actual article though because I don't feel like filling out a dang survey to unlock it, but in regards to the summary..

Not sure if it could be classified as terrorism, but disabling someones car remotely without warning as it is driving down the freeway sounds like attempted gross vehicular manslaughter.

Comment bblean (Score 3, Interesting) 359

Virtual desktops are part of the core functionality of bblean. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions have for a long time worked tremendously well for me on Windows 7 OS. It is #1 on my list of must have software for Windows. My only gripe is that the program I use for updating my WoW addons (curse client) is a whimpy .NET application that won't execute at all under alternative shells (they say they don't support it), so I have to very simply work around their jankyness by switching back to explorer shell.

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