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Comment gentler management and more playful workdays (Score 4, Insightful) 428

What a load of shit. How about engineers are more attracted to companies that respect a healthy work/life balance. That's it. Really. I'll come to work, bust my ass for 7-9 hours and go home, 5 days a week. You can keep your foosball, cafeterias, yoga, happy hours, . I'll take the perk where you pay me to go on vacation though.

Comment Console Wars (Score 1) 153

It's a great book that gives good insight into the era that gave rise to Sega. It really doesn't give much background into their downfall, but it does touch on the fact that SOA thought SOJ was releasing way too much hardware, and generally screwing everything up.

Comment whatever they're doing..isn't working (Score 1) 122

my wife is enrolled in one of the top four colleges known for their educational programs and is currently the top of her class (4.0gpa). she has yet to be contacted by any type of recruiter or school district, and it looks like she's going to have to work for a semester for free before she can get her license (teacher certification).

Comment Re:If you don't like it.... (Score 0) 431

science has shown that Evolution is an observed fact, and Natural Selection is its best explanation.

You are correct, but I would say that natural selection is the most plausible theory that science can support at this time. Science changes, it's never a fact.

Global Warming is also an observed fact, and its consequences can no longer be ignored (I guess you believe that the cold winter in a selected part of North America means that Global Warming is not true? When in fact it's a predicted consequence of Climate Change).

We are having an impact on the earth, consuming fossil fuels at a rate that far exceeds their creation is bound to have consequences. However, I'm of the opinion that the earth will far outlive humans - regardless of whether or not we get off this rock. I personally enjoy the comforts of modern technology - and would like to see our resources spent on finding a way to colonize the stars. Extending our stay here for a few extra thousand years isn't going to do anything in the grand scheme of things.

Gay marriage a matter of human rights, just like mixed-race marriages were 40 years ago.

Nope nope nope. Marriage isn't a right - and is only wrapped up in politics because certain benefits are bestowed upon those who sign a contract stating they will be together for life. This would be such a non-issue if those benefits were no longer tied to marriage but to a binding contract that grants one person of your choosing those benefits. At what point do you say that denying marriage among multiple adults is an abuse of human rights, or what about brothers and sisters? How about your children or grand children? If we're going to throw out the whole foundation of morals based on religious beliefs - let's at least commit 100%.

you claim there's no difference between a foetus and a child

I walk up to a pregnant woman, stab her in the gut, kill the 'foetus'. I should only be charged with assault (or possibly attempted murder). Right?

Comment I never trusted Bitcoin (Score 1) 631

Just like I don't trust the USD. That doesn't stop me from using it or investing with/in it.

Some common sense can go a long way, I didn't lose my ass when the markets tumbled in 07-08, and I sure as hell didn't put all my eggs in the bitcoin basket - or mtgox for that matter. My money doesn't stay in an exchange very long, anywhere.

Comment Re:The difference in the two numbers ... (Score 1) 491

That sounds dumb, I'm getting paid 100% salary that is on par with the other developers on my team and I spend most of my time traversing a massive code base that I have very little familiarity with. (I'm on my second month now).

Why? Because they hope that in the next 6 months I become intimately familiar with their application and can produce more value than the wage they pay me.

Comment the real shortage (Score 3, Insightful) 491

are the budgets. if x company wants to hire qualified developers, they could - at a premium. instead, they bargain shop in an effort to save 20-30k a year per developer, and as a result bring on board sub-par developers that wreck their product and leave them in worse condition had they just spent the money to begin with.

the cycle is somewhat humorous to me, and I laugh at every job posting I see looking for `rockstars` at 55-65k a year when other companies in the area are offering up 65-85k for the same job. (caveat, I don't work in the valley or in NY - so wages aren't on par with those markets)

Comment meh (Score 2) 627

probably too late to jump into the discussion but I work with several developers who shun the use of IDEs, they're all 'VIM or die' mentality. The funny thing is their code is full of problems, from undeclared objects to undefined variables - all over the place. Much of the code is completely untestable and I'm constantly cleaning things up because my IDE picks up the stuff they missed because they are all gungho hacker devs. Bad developers exist regardless of what they write code with. I like my IDE personally, integrated debugging tools, code hint/completion and built in stuff like LINT make it easier for me to get actual work done.

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