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Comment Re:Amazon Prime (Score 1) 93

How come we never get to complain about Amazon Prime? Every day there is another article about Netflix, and the same shills post the same comments about the quality of their original content...

Because there is nothing to complain about ;p

In all seriousness.. it's probably because people don't buy prime to watch movies. They buy prime for the shipping. The movies thing is just something amazon throws in to say they have an offering. I've never found it to be useful.
If mcdonalds gave me a crappy dvd with a cheeseburger for the same price, I would ignore the junk, eat my cheeseburger, and go on about my day.
When people buy netflix it's only because they want to watch something on netflix.

Comment Re:First the headphone jack, now this! (Score 1) 76

Apple just removed tethering from the iPhone! Totally ridiculous! Next they'll remove ringers, vibration, and screens, and we'll just have a black slab of glassy smooth...

Damn.. That will probably look really fucking good... Shut up and take my money!

That whole "screen" thing really does significantly contribute to the size of a smart phone. Removing it would be revolutionary; nay evolutionary; nay - it would be the iPhone 8:P

Comment Re:Digital tethering is more effective anyway (Score 1) 76

Physical tethers for high-end stores also have alarms so when you snip them the alarm goes off right away. Either way, the iPhones are indeed bricks when stolen and quite honestly, the majority of people aren't thieves. And even if one gets stolen (perhaps for parts), I doubt Apple cares very much, they write the potential lifetime value of the phone (device + apps + music + recycling/resale perhaps ~$3-4000) off as a loss on their taxes.

It's likely better for apple than actually selling the phone.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 113

This would be the greatest thing ever. open as "iPad", open as "iPhone 6s", etc.

Yes, that would be really slick, not just for usability, but also for testing.

There are already user agent switcher addons for firefox and chrome. You'll probably have to add your own user agent strings for newer mobile browsers, though.

Comment Re:Anal - lytic (Score 1) 161

Google searches for "SSD upgrades" may outweigh searches for "CPU upgrades" but that would represent a very small segment of the computer buying public. Most storage is acquired with the purchase of a new machine and never changes.

Nah, Most people don't upgrade anything inside their computer. They replace the computer instead. It's a small segment of computer owners that replace any internal components.

Comment Already been done (Score 2) 104

It's already been done. Symantec's compiler had a native compilation option. I build some things with old java revisions so I can use it. Like most native programs, it requires a runtime to be preinstalled. In the case of Symantec, it was the "symantec native java runtime". The most recent version I have is 3.0.

In conclusion, it's a good idea to have as an option. It's already been done, and I wonder if symantec has any patents that might get in the way of this being implemented on a broader scale.

Comment Re:Cars? (Score 1) 76

I'm just throwing this out there with admittedly not knowing, but I've always assumed radio connectivity in airplanes is informational and not actually able to control the plane in any possibly disastrous way.

Boeing has had remote control capabilities since 2006. Airlines don't use it for fear of hacks. Source:

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