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Comment Re:Critical mass?!?! DAMN that Trump! (Score -1, Troll) 201

He got a royalties from books, his money will have been in the hands of some kind of fund manager who was investing it in a blind trust. It doesn't sound implausible, mostly due to the book royalties. At least he is publishing this, unlike some other presidents...

You didn't read the article you are replying to. Here, I'll help sort that out for you: The president received royalties between $35,000 and $115,000 on his three books.

$115,000 != $12,200,000.

Comment Re:Never liked acid (Score 4, Funny) 138

Never liked acid. While other drugs tend to amplify or enhance mind states that you normally experience to a lesser degree without drugs, acid always made me feel like my brain was doing shit it fundamentally shouldn't be doing at all, not really related to any normal mind state. If I had to do psychedelics again, I'd stick to mushrooms, I always found they had more euphoric effects to go with the trippy shit, generally a much more fun experience. And yeah, acid did tend to go on a bit too long.

Forget that, last time I did mushrooms they grew eyes and started walking towards me. Later, I discovered that if I jumped up and smashed my head into bricks that sometimes a "good" mushroom would come out and give me the power to destroy they eyeballed mushrooms. From that point on, only falling into a bottomless pit or walking into the bad mushroom's eyes would be harmful to me. Eventually I climbed a flagpole and moved on.

Comment Microsoft says (Score 1) 503

"Microsoft also says that many hardware manufacturers do not provide drivers for Windows 7 any longer, and many developers and companies refrain from releasing programs on the outdated operating system."

Who cares? If you've got win7, you probably also have old hardware that already has drivers. That's kind of the whole thing that people like about windows 7.

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