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Comment Re:Let's not go overboard (Score 1) 171

The problem is that the moment such a filter is implemented, organizations that already use other methods to get rid of images they don't approve, will demand such filter to be enabled on their whim, without allowing people to opt out.

As long as the organization's you are referring to are not ISP's then I'm fine with this too. If you're on someone else's equipment (eg: work), you are subject to their rules.

Comment EA = Monopoly (Score 1) 64

EA is better off putting out roster updates. They practically own a monopoly on sports games (particularly the Madden series), and whenever they put out a new "feature", it's usually more-or-less something that benefits them and hurts the consumer. I'm sick of buying half a game, and EA is one of the biggest offenders IMO.

Comment Re:"Open Media" (Score 1) 201

I think you're missing the point here. I don't think the point is really about DRM or openness. I think the major point is Android. I buy my music off of Amazon, but it would be nice to have a way of syncing my device the same way iPhone users do. I know there are a few applications out there to do it, but like you already pointed out, none of them are nearly as polished as iTunes. Anything close and I'll probably give their tool a shot.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 517

Isn't the dollar already worthless?

Maybe... Maybe not. I can still go into any store in the US and buy something with good old-fashioned cash. If I went in their with my digital wallet of BitCoins, they'd probably laugh at me.

On a side note, if they were real geeks, they would've called them credits.

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