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Comment I'm confused... (Score 5, Interesting) 262

It is newsworthy/noteworthy that reduced competition leads to higher prices?

From what I understand, cities like NYC have very carefully-crafted laws regarding hotels designed to protect the rights and safety of both the hotelier and the guest. AirBnB wants to be exempt from all those regulations and hospitality taxes because, well, it allows them to offer a lower-cost option without any significant investment. In effect, AirBnB wants to be a hotelier that owns no hotel rooms, pays no hospitality taxes, and has no legal responsibility for anything that happens in a space they rented.

That AirBnB can't pick and choose the tax, safety, and other regulations that apply to their 'service' isn't discriminatory against AirBnB, it is treating everyone equally.

Comment Re: Fees == false advertising (Score 1) 81

And Comcast should make it possible for people to opt-out of some of the fees (my personal pet-peeve fee is the regional sports fee; I do not watch sports, and do no wish to contribute to the broadcast of same), although that is a different discussion.

That sounds like a fee imposed to pay for a local sports team stadium, not a cable company fee.

What you maybe/should be complaining about is the ESPN fee you are paying.

Comment Re: GAS stations show the full price why can't com (Score 1) 81

A higher price for credit purchases of gas is extremely common in the US, I don't know of any gas station that charges the same price for cash or credit. See, the margin on gas for the station owner is tiny, and giving the credit card processor 2-3% of each gallon sold wipes out a big part, if not all, the profit in a gallon of gas.

The 3% a credit card processor charges comes out to about 6 cents/gal at current prices - and that's fairly typical for the spread between cash and credit prices on gasoline.

Comment Re: Your data is out of date... (Score 1) 81

Didn't the USA revolt against UK for taxation without representations? These extra hotel taxes even if approved by local citizens are ususally only charged to visitors since that is who hotel rooms are designed/targeted to!!!

Oh no! Without those taxes on hotels and rental cars, who ever will the locals fund their newest billion-dollar sports arena?

Comment Re: Try shipping a package (Score 1) 81

They just coincidentally raise their prices and restructure fees the same amounts and the same ways at the same time every year.

Perhaps their fees and prices are recalculated the same because they are both dealing with the same costs, the same regulations, and the same business environment?

The 'same day' thing, if true, likely evolved over time, as raising prices at different times likely cost the company that raised prices first business until the other followed suit.

Comment Re: Chant In Unison (Score 1) 81

Then base the inflation rate with gasoline as a factor but only when gas prices go down. When gas prices go up make certain that they are not part of the index. Anyone feeling a bit screwed by all of this?

You've conflated 'cost of living' with 'inflation', and gasoline has always been part of the cost of living calculation.

I didn't notice many seniors complaining when SS payments went up because gasoline hit $4/gallon and drove the cost of living index up.

Comment Re: It's a way of pointing a finger (Score 0) 81

I remember a few years ago (25+ years ago, give or take), when congress, in a fit of fiscal responsibility imposed a new tax on each phone line in America. It was brilliant, have the phone companies pay a per-line tax and when the consumer's bill went up, the telco was the villain, not congress.

Only problem was, the cable companies broke out the new tax as a separate line-item on the bill.

Congress critters got mad, demanded that the telcos bury the tax - they tried to make the new tax line-item illegal, but that wasn't possible.

That was when (some) congress critters realized that when you tax a company, the customers, not the company, pays the tax.

Comment Perfectly sensible (Score 1) 366

When Mercedes-Benz starts selling self-driving cars, it will choose to prioritize driver safety over pedestrians', a company manager has confirmed.

MB Builds cars, which they sell to passengers. If MB announced that pedestrian safety was paramount over passenger safety, how many people would borrow tens of thousands of dollars to buy a MB vehicle only to be put at greater risk than someone that didn't buy a car.

I can just imagine the advertising campaign: "Everyone is more important to us than our customers."

Comment Two trends converge (Score 1) 114

Recently Slashdot ran an article about Apple hardware lagging behind the latest technologies by as much as a year or two, couple that with their decision to stop supporting hardware after seven years, and current Apple products are over-priced devices with a limited useful life, dictated by the whims of designers.

Sure, older Apple desktops and laptops are still useful after Apple drops support for the OS running on older hardware, but their usefulness diminishes without OS security patches/updates.

Comment Re: Obsolete (Score 1, Offtopic) 114

While we're on the subject of support for aging Apple products... SMH.

How nice of you to invent unspoken positions for Trump supporters, then trash those supporters for holding those unspoken positions you invented for them - it saves them the hard work of forming their own positions and articulating them.

These invented positions, coupled with unsubstantiated allegations about Trump, definitely convince me that you're having a hard time coming up with actual facts to discredit Trump with...

Comment Re: Service for those who will buy it (Score 3, Informative) 170

That's how it works for power too.
The poor don't have no Internet, they just don't get as much.
Try living in the ghetto, in a house with 60 amp service. Ask the power company for 400 amp service. And all you can spend is fifty bucks. Lol, good luck! Heck, even with money you're in for a rough ride.

What? Perhaps the wiring in the building has something to do with an inability to provide 400 Amp service to an APARTMENT?

Compare that to the rich guy living in a loft in a converted warehouse in Manhattan. He wants 400 amp service for his bitcoin farm and has $100k to spend. You better bet he'll get his upgrade.

Wow, any chance updated, AKA 'Industrial grade' wiring in the 'converted warehouse' has something to do with the ability to provision 400 Amp service?

BTW, 400 Amp service is extremely rare in residential electrical service.

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