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Comment Re: Straight From Greenpeace Agenda (Score 0) 275

To paraphrase Instapundit Glenn Reynolds: "I'll believe that it's an emergency when the people who are TELLING me it's an emergency star ACTING like it's an emergency."

"Climate change" conferences have the unfortunate tenancies to be scheduled in far-flung exotic locations like Bali, rather than on Skype. When 500 environmental activists each charter THEIR OWN private jets to take them to their vacat/////conferences, they dump as much carbon into the air as hundreds of thousands of average citizens like me.

The fact is that there has been NO warming in the last 15 years, and the Earth is colder now than it was in 900, when Eric the Red named the place "Greenland" because it was green. The climate is always changing, in cycles that are a thousand years long. Al Gore (the failed preacher who has invented his own "religion" of Gaia worship) is like the mayfly trying to pass a law to ban summer.

Comment Re: just one thing to say (Score 1) 612

The real problem is government itself. When the Federal government was small, it couldn't do too much damage, even when it was badly administered. Now that the Federal government is enormous, overarching and omnipotent, all of the nasty people want to take control of the Federal government and use it for their own purposes. And they do.

The solution is to reduce the size, cost and power of the Federal government. Never re-elect anybody; it takes some time for each generation of crooks to learn how to line their own pockets effectively. Impose term limits; for example, no person shall be allowed to run for any government office if more than 50% of his working lifetime has been spent working for the government. That would clear out the functionaries who have NEVER held a job - like Bernie Sanders.

It'll never happen; the people who would be affected are the very people who currently run things. It may take a second American Revolution.

It's not so much that "power corrupts"; it's that corruptible people are drawn to power. Reduce the power, and reduce the corruption.

Comment Re:could != would (Score 2) 80

Yes, and there has been plenty of FOOD for over a century. Since 1900, "famines" have been entirely politically generated. In Somalia, when the US and Europe sent food, the food would rot on the docks because the warlords were using all the trucks. When the USA and France sent the Army into Somalia, the warlords stole the food AND the trucks.

Comment Re:Useful for desalination plants? (Score 3, Informative) 80

Oh, look, you've re-invented the "solar still", a WWII-era survival device that pilots would carry in their escape kits with the 1-man life raft. Inflate the balloon, add sea water, and drink distilled fresh water a few hours later. Dump the brine, add more sea water, and repeat. A few pilots survived for weeks in their rafts, eating sun-dried fish and drinking distilled water from their solar still balloons.

Comment Re:Little Ice Age (Score 1) 709

Yeah, but we at SlashDot are not getting big government grants to manufacture\\\\\\\\\ investigate the climate phenomena that everybody is so hysterical about. The Global Warmists _ARE_ getting multi-million dollar grants on how to prevent something that is not occurring, and if everybody turns around and says "Yeah, we can see that there's nothing going on here", then they lose their grants, and their rice bowls, and they'd have to come up with some OTHER scam to get the megabux of tax dollars that is the only thing standing between them and having to get "real jobs".

Comment They Never Heard Of The Dalton Minimum! (Score 1) 709

Balderdash. 180 years ago, the Earth was coming out of the abnormally cool period associated with the Dalton and Maunder Minimums. And based on the last couple of solar cycles, we're more likely to into another extended solar minimum, and experience markedly COOLER weather.

Warmer weather is associated with prosperity, while cooler weather is associated with famine and plague.

Comment Not Coming THAT Soon.... (Score 1) 367

"Wo-o-o-o-w," 60-year old Uber driver Cynthia Ingram said. "We all knew it was coming. I just didn't expect it this soon."

She's 60 now? She'll be 70 before even a substantial number of autonomous taxis hit the street. It will certainly happen - autonomous vehicles will demolish the auto industries as well as the taxi industries, but it's not going to be overnight. The technology is still in its infancy.

I'm 66 now, and my car - probably the last car I'll ever buy - is 7 years old. I look forward to being able to summon a small autonomous vehicle to take me to the supermarket, and an hour later summon a larger vehicle to take me and my groceries home. Between that and Amazon Prime deliveries, I don't foresee a need for me to ever buy a new car again.

Comment Secure Voting Systems? (Score 2) 204

The only thing that most electronic voting systems "secure" is funding; lots and LOTS of money. The voting machines are trivially hackable, provide no possible way to do an audit trail, are quirky and failure prone, and HIDEOUSLY expensive.

We need to go back to paper ballots and require positive identification in order to vote. The only thing that the Democrats are trying to accomplish in opposing voter ID requirements is to encourage voter fraud.

Comment Russia Leaked Emails to Help TRUMP???? (Score 1) 769

Balderdash. With all the vulnerabilities of Hillary's 'server", and the 99+% probability that it has been routinely penetrated, _ANYBODY_ could have leaked her emails to Wikileaks.

On the other hand, _if_ it was the Russians, it's likely that Vlad Putin is simply trying to tighten the noose around Hillary's neck. I don't think he actually wants to hang her out to dry - she'll be much more useful as a "president on a string" where Putin can control her. The last thing in the world that Putin wants is some unpredictable "loose cannon" as the President of the United States.

Comment NEVER EVER Trust Google (Score 1) 465

Google's motto was once "Don't be evil." It now seems to be "Don't! Be evil!" If you don't have YOUR OWN backups, on servers that YOU control, then everything you do is subject to random, capricious, even malicious, deletion and unavailability. We'll never know if somebody at Google objected to his work, or if some rogue admin accidentally deleted it, or if it was corrupted in some file system problem. But anything that's in Blogger especially is ephemeral and subject to loss.

Amazon has an "unlimited" cloud storage plan that's not particularly expensive; and USB flash drives these days are remarkably affordable.

Backups are good. Multiple backups are better.

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