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Comment Re: Security my Ass (Score 1) 112

Well, I had like 4 passwords. One for the Hub account like Google, one for bank accounts, one for social networks and one for web hosts, course providers, etc. At some places I have Multi-factor Authentication setup. How do you remember all those passwords? Do you use a password vault? What if that gets compromised? What sucks is that I can google my old LinkedIn password and find it in a bad password list. Did they store the passwords in reversible format? Or was it decrypted from the hashes? On a side note, a week ago I bought a custom T-Shirt from a local company When I hit the forgot password link, it emailed me my password. Who does that these days!

Comment Security my Ass (Score 5, Interesting) 112

The Microsoft-owned service takes pride in the relationship it has with its users and the security it offers their data.

Thanks to LinkedIn hackers are attempting to login to my accounts on sites like Steam, Facebook, eBay, Twitter, etc. Now, I know better and use different passwords for different sites. But, at least these sites have security in place to warn me of suspicious logins while denying the logins.

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