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Comment Re:So much hate (Score 1) 325

Same experience here. When I heard about the Apple Watch, especially the price, I thought "who would pay so much for it?! Maybe I'll consider when it is half the price." And I thought I would never want one... right until I played with one in an Apple Store, then I bought one immediately.

Exactly the same general points as yours -

1. Haptic feedback. You never needed it, until you used it, then you don't ever want to go without it. I have my phone on vibrate most of the time, so I most easily miss calls or text is at home when I leave my phone on my desk, so unexpectedly the Apple Watch is most useful at home!

2 & 3. Same, seeing the weather on the watch is so useful that, again, one wouldn't thought it would be that useful until one had it. And able to see text messages by just lifting my wrist, same with reminders and alerts, is very convenient. I never thought that would be a big deal until I got used to it.

4. Health - it might be just a fad, and sure, fitbit might work better. But I would never have bought a wearable device just to track my exercise (which happens too infrequently to worth a dedicated device), but as an added bonus on top of the above, it does add value.

Comment Re:Welp, back to pirating (Score 1) 213

Talk to them about photocopying books, they're all familiar with that, and it's exactly the same thing.

It is not even that, using VPN to access Netflix is like ordering books from India because it was much cheaper there. You did pay for a legitimate copy, but from a country other than where you physically were.

Obviously, your local distributor would not be happy about that, for exactly the same reason. And any layman would understand the situation correctly.

Comment Re:A simple solution to part of the problem (Score 2) 105

So judges should just get into the habit of asking specific questions about Stingray, and anything similarly illegal, EVERY TIME law enforcement asks for a warrant. Force the cops to make a choice between lying to a judge and violating an NDA with the FBI.

Remind me again, why would any judge want to make cops' life difficult?

If a judge signed a warrant which subsequently led to the illegal use of Stingray, would there be any penalty for the judge? The answer is most likely no, and therein lies the root of the problem.

Comment Windshield + roof as a single piece of glass? (Score 2) 430

While it looks real nice, but that means any damage to the windshield now means a more costly replacement. Is that really a sound engineering decision?

Plus, unless you are up north, there are many places where the summer sun will literally cook you in the car with the now very pronounced greenhouse effect. Having an option for a more conventional roof which helps to reflect sunlight make more sense.

Comment Re:Lie detector (Score 1) 290

So no matter how bad you think Trump might be for the economy, the more-of-the-same alternative is probably a pathway to crushing debts and financial doom.

By this logic, cancer patients should try jumping off cliffs. "Since you are going to die anyway, anything is worth trying!" only sounds logical to fools.

The correct thinking is -- "No matter how bad you think things are now, it definitely could get worse." This applies to everything as long as you live, you could only hit "rock bottom" when you are dead.

Comment Re:How about it pays well? (Score 1) 282

I meant pays MORE. Yes, *anyone* will take more pay for what they are doing, so the only reason for one to work hard is because one expected better pay from working harder.

The crap about identity, esteem, virtue, etc the article talked about are pure BS kool-aid from management and HR.

Comment How about it pays well? (Score 2) 282

If there is another job offer that pays better than your current job but doesn't require you to work as hard, all other factors being equal, would you take it?

The article might have a point if most people would say "no" to this question. The real answer is probably too boring to make news -- most people work so hard because they want/need the money.

The hyperbole about the "virtue" of working so hard are just kool-aid from management and HR so they won't appear the villain.

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