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Comment Re:Monopolies are bad (Score 5, Insightful) 70

Brick & Mortar businesses' response has been to cut back selection. Just TRY to find good precision screwdrivers locally, for example. Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, smaller hardware chains, etc - no dice. Frys has some decent sets but they're not here in the northeast so they aren't an option.

Appliances such as mixer stands - you'll find 5qt and under KitchenAid mixers with the weak motor and plastic gear case at many stores, but most don't stock the 6qt and larger models with the stronger motor and transmission with metal gears. Soo. I'm going to Amazon for that.

Monitors - Worst Buy is the only local authorized reseller for the ROG Swift monitor but no stores I've been to stock it. I went to Amazon for those. I'll be buying another through Amazon. Why do the Worst Buy "ship to store" for free shipping when I have to go pick it up, whereas ordering from Amazon gets me free shipping to my door, with better customer service?

Klipsch speakers - I can't get the Reference Series at local authorized retailers, even at the "Mangolia" outlets at Best Buy. They stock plenty of the Synergy line (which isn't bad, but isn't great), so again, I've been turning to online retailers for Reference-series speakers.

That's just a small handful of examples but I could list so many more. I try to shop local, but when the stores stick to carrying low-end crap I'm forced to shop online. It seems like retailers only want to sell low-end items that need replacing after six months to a year rather than higher end product lines that actually last.

Comment Re:Only one reason to jam GPS... (Score 1) 172

If there were only backup systems which could detect changes in motion by measuring acceleration regardless of what nonsensical GPS data says and maybe a secondary device which measures angular changes, and if the path since the last good data set could be extrapolated based on these hypothetical devices. For a thought exercise let's call the acceleration detector an "accelerometer" and the angular detector a "gyroscope." It's such a shame that those devices do not exist and are not already included in cruise and air to surface missiles. /s

Comment Re:It's scary that they can't figure out the cause (Score 1) 145

> . It's probably only a matter of time before Apple, LG, or some other manufacturer has a similar problem, and also can't figure it out because of the total destruction involved.

Apple already does; their response is that third-party USB chargers are to blame.
Which of course is false, since USB chargers' job is to provide 5VDC (aside from QC which can provide higher voltages at request of the device), that's all; the USB charger will keep supplying 5VDC as long as it is connected. It is the device's job to monitor the battery's voltage and cut off current to the battery pack when the target voltage is reached... and if there is an incoming overvoltage, it's also the device's job to stop accepting power.

This has been an ongoing problem since the iPhone 4, but since Apple is Apple, they get a free pass on it.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 251

This has been occurring with every iPhone model since the iPhone 4 up to and including the iPhone 7, and Apple's stance is to blame the third-party USB chargers, completely ignoring the fact that all USB chargers do is provide 5VDC (or up to 9VDC for most QC chargers or higher for Class B QC 3.0 chargers) and it is up to the USB charger to cut off current to the battery pack when the target voltage is reached.

Apple loves to blame their users, third-party devices, or anything else that they can and Apple fanbois never call them out on it.
Antennagate? "You're holding it wrong."
Firegate? "Don't use third-party USB chargers."
Bendgate? "Don't put your phone in your pocket" (despite that Samsung phones are thinner and do not exhibit this problem - although putting your cellphone in your back pocket is moronic to begin with; you are begging to be pickpocketed)

Comment Re:Sigh not more of this bullshit (Score 1) 446

Only the cellular radio needs to be turned off now, and for no technical reason in relation to the aircraft itself, but because the cellular network is not designed to handle large volumes of high speed cell handovers.
Bluetooth and wifi are perfectly acceptable and now allowed by every major airline.

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