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Comment Re:Maybe. (Score 1) 561

You don't have a programmer problem. You have a management problem. A good manager would have gotten rid of the underperformers a long time ago. On the other hand, there's always the possibility these "underperformers" are doing stuff you don't really understand, and are worth their salaries.

Comment Re:back to work ? (Score 1) 244

What's not to "buy" ? Insurance companies take money from all clients and distribute it to clients who are covered and get medical care. Nearly 100% of the cost of more-than-trivial medical transactions is "passed on to other clients".

Really? Insurance companies distribute money to clients? In my experience they're in the business of denying claims.

Comment Re:Diane Feinstein (Score 1) 346

The queen of "laws for thee, but not for me."

Guns? Why, those should be illegal! But I'm going to need some armed guards for myself, of course.

So, like every other country in the world that has laws limiting certain things. Or do you believe every citizen should have a Constitutional right to own their own nuclear arsenal?

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