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Comment Re: Considering how often it is down... (Score 1) 353

As someone in Seattle that has suffered at least two-thousand days of downltime with our Internet access, you are wrong.

So this is the first day you have had internet in the last 5 and half years! What a coincidence! You probably won't be able to read this as your internet is probably down again by now.

Comment Re:So in other words it's used and is useful (Score 1) 248

GPS' horizontal accuracy is good - about 1m. But its vertical accuracy is horrible - anywhere from tens of meters to a hundred meters or more. GPS was never made with vertical accuracy in mind.

GPS vertical accuracy is just as good as it's "horizontal" accuracy. It is just that the GPS receiver does not have accurate topological data, which is difficult to comeby. Early GPS receivers didn't have any topological data at all.

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