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Comment Re:We've always known this. This is why we have EC (Score 3, Informative) 262

It's also why systems on spacecraft such as the Space Shuttle had what's called the Data Processing System. It consisted of four systems with identical software and an extra one with the same hardware but a different implementation with the same goals. They checked each others' decisions, and a majority "vote" would lock out the differing system.

Comment GitHub Enterprise is great for on-premises (Score 1) 227

GitHub Enterprise is great for on-premises, but it's very, very expensive and limits the number of users on it. I have to run my own backups.

Atlassian also does this for their on-premises software.

I don't think this is fair that since we don't use the cloud and provided our own compute, power, space, and network that we should pay by the user, but here we are. I administer it and run my own backups. I shouldn't be paying for each user.

Comment Yep, and got pencil-signed copies, too (Score 1) 381

Back when I was at AOL in Vienna, VA, there was a bookstore called Computer Literacy Bookstore, a few doors down from the headquarters of Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus (who annually would show off their elephant-de-jour).

I bought the first two editions there the moment I became aware of them. They're signed in pencil by Knuth himself. The fact that he used pencil I found amusing.

I bought the third edition, which was a huge, huge event as it was much anticipated, and enjoyed it better than the first two since I have rather poor mathematical ability and could relate more to the fuzzy concepts of sorting and searching than some of the more mathematical concepts in the earlier two editions.

Since I left the software engineering community in favor of what we used to call "systems programming" and now call "DevOps," I didn't become aware of the "4A" edition until this evening. Thanks for the heads-up. Maybe it will encourage me to get back into software engineering and overcome my weakness in math.

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