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Comment Re:Technical OR legislative? (Score 1) 344

I can also see a "Strategic military" option under the legislative side. If we have various countries who are part of some "cyber defense" treaty, and they cannot / will not deal with CnC servers, mass botnets, etc inside their territory...then the other treaty members should be able to do something proactive to stop such attacks. Now, I'm not meaning "we think XYZ is attacking us, so nuke them". But if X number of treaty members agree that the evidence is pointing to a particular IRC chatroom, specific server, or residence that is launching an attack then a non-lethal (to humans lol) response should be on the table. Local police to the direct upstream ISP to shut the connection down. Single-use targeted EMP drone to fry someone's computer. All treaty members should be in compliance of BCP38, reduce the servers on the Open Resolvers Project list, proper implementation of Anycast, DNSSEC, ect. Signatory countries should be able to audit each other, share knowledge and tools, and get each other into compliance.

No single country can build infrastructure to stop the IoT ddos attacks anymore, that much is obvious. Technical solutions do nothing without legislation to back them up and legislation that doesn't have a proper technical background is worse than useless...we can't have laws that address specific issues as the tech changes far faster than the law ever can. The solution is going to be a mesh of humans, systems, laws, and standards working in conjunction with eternal vigilance. Good luck on all that lol.

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 175

I explain this to people all the time. Places that high cyber-crime participants also have low job opportunities. Former Eastern Block countries have some great "IT people" who could do great in a normal environment...but there are no "normal" jobs for them. So, they get hired by criminal organizations instead. Everyone's got to eat.

Comment Re: Having a 'bad gene'... (Score 1) 651

It's not 100% either way. There is genetics, and there is epigenetics. You could have inherited genes that result in autistic effects but your environment never had the conditions for that to actually express. Autism isn't a single genetic expression, it's more of a description or condition that has multiple root causes.Could vaccines be a trigger? In a population of several billion, it's a near certainty. Is that a big enough risk to mitigate the risks of getting the disease the vaccine stops? Absolutely not, unless you are PROVEN to be one of the very few that whatever vaccine might affect. There is no actual test on that, and it's such a small percentage that real science has yet to be able to pin it down. Real science as in repeatable, provable, etc. If it's not repeatable and your theory doesn't provide for a failure / negative result, then it's pseudoscience.

In reality, we don't have enough knowledge of our genetic structure and how all of that system functions to do comprehensive testing.

Comment Re:Is that all (Score 1) 651

Logically, your right. Emotionally though...we humans feel a great desire to "blame" someone for everything that happens. As a group, we just can't handle the Universe having any randomness or "unplanned events". A large portion of our population firmly believes that everything happens for a reason AND that reason is some intelligent, behind-the-scenes, incomprehensible, mostly unknowable entity who refuses to overtly reveal themselves because it would break the "faith game". They refer to this entity as God or "the Devil", depending on what happened to whom and their mood that day. For them, humanity is all pieces in a cosmic chess game and everything happens because we're "being tested", "punished", or "rewarded".

Comment Re:You can't protect against everything. (Score 1) 237

Enslave the lower-level employees to run the man-powered generator wheel? A true Carrington Event level disaster will fry most IC parts, and has a high chance of setting back the entire human civilization by a century or so. Fuel for the data center will be the last of your concerns...

Comment Re:Been there, done that, got cancelled (Score 1) 237

They may be "starving" on the consumer side, but they have little viable competition (when you include enterprise-level support) for their enterprise-level server hardware. There is only like half a dozen real players in that market, even fewer with US-based support staff. My Dell support for my servers is in my state, and support for my SAN is only a state away. When I needed "global support", I quickly get connected to a bi-lingual rep. They've saved my ass a few times just this year lol.

Comment Re: "IT" is on its way out (Score 1) 272

I still use the BOFH Excuse Generator at least twice a week. Our new-hire for our helpdesk analyst is bi-lingual, due to our plant in Mexico. I jumped from ITSM Analyst at HPE to Network Admin at a smaller (but rock-solid) corp and made a 15K per year raise. I've also stopped us from buying ANY HP equipment..because you have no idea when HP will "spin off" that department and your "support" evaporates. 4-hour On-Site Mission Critical Dell Enterprise support only! Plus all their call centers for Enterprise seem to be here in the US.

Comment Re:H-1B abuse and Trump (Score 2) 813

Too bad he's also a racist misogyny. I find myself appreciating some of his proposed business ideals...yet find the actual policy quite lacking. But just that part of his campaign isn't enough to overcome his quick-to-anger, lash-out-at everyone narcissistic personality. Right now he's tweeting in the middle of the night about Betty pageants that happened 20 years ago, stated he will commit war crimes, is WAY too friendly with Putin, rips off small businesses...he's just a horrible human being. If he's President I fully expect him to use the 48 hour/60 day window in the War Powers Resolution to cause World War III by launching into various countries in the middle of the night instead of tweeting like he does now. A scenario of North Korea calling him some name, and him sending in troops, and us getting into a shooting match with China is highly probable.

I'm not a Hillary fan either, she's pro-corp and very deceptive. But she won't fly off into a rage if Assad made fun of her hair.

Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 3, Informative) 813

Comparing the US to the Swiss is a false equivalency. IMHO, the biggest is that many of the Swiss are distantly related to each other, unlike the US. When half the country is part of your extended biological family, you feel far different towards them than the "melting pot" situation here in the US. I'm not condoning the US's attitude, but it's just a very basic and probably pre-human part of our evolution. All animals are more helpful to fellow family / tribe members.

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