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Comment Re:Global development can be painful... (Score 1) 163

OH YES, this is a major issue and totally blows. I've gotten calls at 2:00AM-4:00AM CST from corporate in Ireland, because to them it's in the morning. I need to reboot a production server; and am told it needs to be during off hours. BUT, we have teams in China, Japan, India, UAE (who's weekends are Friday / Saturday and are at work Sunday), Ireland, Germany, Brazil, etc. So there really isn't much of a "no use" timeslot, someone is ALWAYS using a esxi host as they have multiple servers on them...if I send out a notification I get a ton of responses "we use this server at this time" and everyone conflicts. So, now I just wait until Saturday night, take stuff down, and don't even bother to tell anyone. Last time only two people even noticed.

Comment I'm not a coder, but... (Score 2) 163

I know that trying to set up a new server, set up DFS, configure esxi, etc is pretty difficult when people keep walking into my office. A few weeks ago I was trying to re-cable a bunch of patch panels and switches, after the third person walked by and stopped for some random conversation I lost track and plugged a switch back into another twice and caused a small outage.

I end up working 2-3 hours after 5:00PM often because of interruptions, and usually at home on the weekends for another 10-12 hours. I figure I'm up to about 70 hours a week at this point. Almost every conversation ends in "send in a ticket, I'm not going to remember all that and am in the middle of XYZ" which often I can tell annoys them and/or they just don't believe me. Closing the door only makes the end-users knock on it. I finally put up a special sign for my lunch that says "AT LUNCH: UNLESS IT'S ON FIRE FILE A TICKET" that usually seems to help.

The fact that the recently fired my boss, and dropped all his responsibilities into my lap isn't helping either. He hated documentation, had worked there for 12 years, and had everything in his head. I've only been there for a bit over six months.

Comment Re:Serial (Score 2) 615

I just used a DB9 cable and putty with (close) to those settings to connect via a console cable to a Cisco switch, our SonicWall NSA 4500, etc. I had to custom-make a DB9 connector to get into a couple of remote power systems that don't have DHCP by default. Few other "computer people" I know know enough about that to make a cable like that, at least around here.

Comment "devastating impact" (Score 5, Interesting) 136

That's the entire point of Steve Bannon, the "President behind the curtain". He wants to destabilize the entire planet and destroy civilization as we know it. This is an exact quote from him:

“Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

He's the one who's really writing many of these Executive Orders. He wants to burn it all down, and rebuild it in his own twisted image that fits his into his alt-right image. He knows that our society is held together by very fragile bonds formed through trust, past promises, monetary policy; attack these pillars and the whole thing will collapse.

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 1) 626

DOD is a completely different level...your father wasn't just working for a company; he was probably also privy to many "state secrets" and such. That level of trust is cemented by moving the whole family over and full citizenship. I agree with your statement, at least in spirit. The h1b visa holders should have a very clear path to citizenship, and the companies bringing them in should have to pass a MUCH higher bar.

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 3, Interesting) 626

And yet, on the level of the "law", these two issues have nothing to do with each other. H1B is done via Department of Labor, border issues are Homeland. Now this EO does impact H1B holders from the "unlucky 7", so there is cross-contamination.

Trump must be stomping his feet around, cursing and screaming right now. Personally, I think this "ban" is one of the worst implementation ever. Wrong countries, no policies or procedures for the various people expected to implement it, zero involvement of anyone outside Trump's inner circle...but these 97 companies are poking a hornet's nest. Trump is very vindictive; his "work visa" reform will now probably be even more restrictive and down-right punitive against Silicon Valley.

Comment 18 months... (Score 1) 660

18 months is the average time to complete a Masters degree, of course that's AFTER a BA. It's also basically 4 semesters, so an Associates? What is he actually talking about? Is there actually programs here in the US that offer an 18 month course that promise to make someone a "machine learning scientist", whatever that is? I guess if you took 24 credit-hours per semester you COULD pull a BA out of 18 months.

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