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Comment Re:old school (Score 1) 605

"With turbo engaged, we died in snake before the first keystroke was registered."

If that was the quickbasic version, there's a delay loop you can modify. You'd need to increase the delay on anything past around a P133, otherwise it would just divide-by-zero.

Actually, this was back before quick BASIC, but the same principle would apply to the original BASIC, too.

Comment Re:old school (Score 1) 605

8N1 ATH Acoustic Couplers ;^) DSDD Floppy notcher HAM (not radio) The Turbo button is not always your friend Green vs Amber, the eternal war 8-bit Bucket List: TWO floppy drives!

I'm old.

I'm 40 years old. I remember my first computer was 8MHz (12MHz with turbo activated) and had 1 MB RAM. With turbo engaged, we died in snake before the first keystroke was registered. This computer allowed us to choose green / black, amber / black, or white / black. I played with single / double sided floppies and single /double density floppies. We had two floppy drives (program in A:, data in B:).

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 745

Okay, try this one.

Looking at the links you supply that seem to be from actual news sources (note that I didn't link the HuffPo article I found), we find snopes claiming that someone registered nineteen dead people, CBS4 talking about up to a dozen people who may have voted twice, and Fox mostly speculating. Multiple registrations aren't vote fraud, and some of Trump's nominees appear to have multiple registrations. For all I know, I'm still registered in some of my old residences, but I haven't checked.

I didn't include any links from Huffington Post because of its reputation. Snopes confirms that someone registered 19 dead people, but is unable to verify if that student was going to vote for the deceased, much less vote for Hillary 19 times. Voting multiple times is voter fraud. Registering multiple times without voting manipulates statistics.

I don't understand why people keep claiming that voter ID stops that kind of voter fraud. Multiple voting in significant numbers is easy to catch, and if the authorities are going to overlook that they're not likely to enforce ID. Do you have any actual evidence that it would help more than it hurts?

Providing voter ID means that a person MUST be registered to vote and can only vote once (at least per voting station). Multiple voting is only caught in the case of an audit, such as when too many votes are registered in a polling place or the results are way off whack from what the latest polls predicted. With such low voter turnout, it is unlikely to demand an audit because of too many votes.

Also, Republicans run a lot of states, and it's in those that Democrats tend to have problems voting. Duh.

Same could be said of Republicans living in a Democrat-run state. And if there are so many Democrats, how did Republican governors and mayors get elected there?

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 745

Yes, they interfered. Releasing selected facts on a schedule that interferes with the election campaign is interference. You have a very narrow view of what it means to interfere.

You can correctly state that the timing was political, but better information should lead to more informed decisions. Wikileaks should be prosecuted for hacking, but it doesn't affect the veracity of their statements.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 745

The argument is that it's too hard for someone to get a free ID when the state shuts down offices in heavily Democratic areas that would issue the IDs. I'm not inherently against voter ID, but every proposal I've seen has had some sort of attachment about deliberately making it difficult for the wrong voters to vote.

Wrong voters being illegals, felons, or the deceased.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 745

I read about things.

You READ about things? Well, stop the presses then! With literally millions of news sources, could you cite something at least a bit specific?

Voting machines being few and defective in Democratic areas.

States run the elections and voting places, so why would Democrats tamper with voting machines in their own areas?

Voter ID laws combined with closing offices that issue licenses in heavily Democratic areas.

Voter ID laws prevent illegals and dead people from voting, not to mention preventing people from voting multiple times. Again, why would Democratic states close offices earlier if it impacts Democrats from voting?

Illegals and dead people do not vote in significant amounts. This is the sort of fraud that would be easy to find lots of examples of it it were going on, and we haven't seen them.

Funny, but Google pulls up enough examples of voter fraud:

Read some real news sometime.

May I suggest the same to you?

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 745

She lost the electoral vote, not by much, after interference from Wikileaks, likely Russia, and the FBI director.

Did Wikileaks (or even Russian hackers) interfere with the election? Does exposing FACTS constitute interference? For me, I'd call interference if the voting boxes were hacked or if people who intended to vote were impeded.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 745

In case you didn't notice,

I notice that the "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists" has over-extended their reach into opinions on climate science, I just dismiss their standing on the matter. They are not climate scientists.

Exactly: being an expert in one field rarely means you're an expert in another field. Just because I'm a Software Engineer doesn't automatically mean I'm an expert at computer networks or hardware design.

We really didn't understand what was going to happen with the climate in the 1960s. We knew it was probably going to get warmer,

Really? Warmer huh? The TRUTH is that in the 60's and 70's we though it was going to get COLDER. We THOUGHT we understood the system then, just like we think we understand it today. You might want to refresh yourself on what the facts are.

I was born in the 1970s and I remember the scientific community warning about an impeding little ice age (1300-1850) or year without a summer (1816).

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 745

Republican efforts to suppress votes that are probably Democratic continue. Currently, the Republicans are much more involved in manipulating elections than Democrats (although this has not always been the case).

Where is your proof that Republicans want to suppress legitimate votes? Why do illegals and the dead overwhelming vote Democrat?

Comment Re:A New Number One! (Score 1) 57

K2! K2! K2! We want measurements now!

There are 2 number ones: one for elevation, one for height. Everest (or K2) is indeed the highest elevation on earth. Mauna Kea ("White Mountain") on the island of Hawaii, however, is the tallest mountain on earth (the base is miles below sea level).

Comment Re:Neat! (Score 1) 163

I've heard the vulgarity of our entertainment defended with the claim that it reflects society - I wonder, then, why those in charge of Hollywood fight so hard against our desire for cleaner entertainment?

Because, why YOU think you're special and righteous in your desire for "no naughty words". The fact is, NO ONE ELSE CARES. Either they like gore and naughty words (like myself) or the just don't care. Your "fight" is one sided, Hollywood is driven by profits, and no matter how important you think you are. The blunt fact is you and those 5 people like you make up a miniscule part of the "viewers" that it is not even worth their time money wise. In fact you're so insignificant, it is not worth their time to put out "edited" versions of popular movies for you. (hint: if they thought for a second they could increase profits, it would exist)

So basically, you thinking their "fighting" against is akin to the Ants in a mound thinking I'm fighting them when my boot lans on them while I walk through the woods.

After the tech bubble burst and I lost my job, I had to work in the call center for a studio which produces family friendly entertainment. I was given a list of people "probably interested" in the product, as referred by friends and family. My job was to raise awareness of the company and obtain names of more people to contact. I was not in sales. I didn't stay there for long, but that's beside the point. Your rant brought to mind some of the abuse and misunderstanding I suffered at that position.

That particular company I worked for provided MORE choices for those interested without removing options for those not interested. No one at VidAngel wants to shut down studios or prevent studios from creating PG-13, R, or NC-17 movies. Same goes for the company I worked at. Both provide a service / product they felt was missing / underrepresented in the marketplace. I have my own standards (that I'm not forcing on you). When watching movies alone or with my wife I'm more tolerant of some content than when my 2-year-old is in the room. OTOH, I have walked out of movies when confronted by 10 f-bombs in the first couple minutes.

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