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Comment Cabin Fever (Score 0) 225

Sounds like he's got cabin fever. I give him credit for seeing that our current transportation systems we eventually drive us into another Dark age. Our current transportation system is like a 911 event every 10 days. The answer is simple. A autonomous track system that has utilities built into it, using autonomous personal vehicles.

Comment Re:Buses will be obsolete in 10 years (Score 0) 382

The track system is automated. It's a double track with switches. The cars will be as small as bobsleds and will be able to get off the track and operate at reduced speeds if necessary. The only delay would be when the passenger enters the destination into the computer. The computer will reserve a time slot to pass through intersection entire trip will be planed out before he sets off.

Comment Buses will be obsolete in 10 years (Score 0) 382

Buses will be replaced by autonomous vehicles on tracks the vehicles will take you to your final destination without ever having to stop. They will travel 10 times faster and use one-tenth the amount of energy. Our current system is unsustainable, which means it will end in the extinction of our species.

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